09-The Hermit Reversed Golden Family Tarot Reading

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Family, Friends & Relationships:

There is nothing wrong with having a need for some time alone – don’t be afraid to take it. Problems can arise, however, when one spends too much time alone or is too fearful of being around other people or being vulnerable to them. Life is about vulnerability.

Card Meanings: Hastiness, Withdrawal, Rashness, Paranoia, Isolation, Foolishness, Immaturity, Loneliness, Imprudence, being reclusive, Restrictive, Anti-Social

The Hermit is an extremely spiritual card, and often has to do with institutions and large organizations – everything from a bank to the entire Christian Church. This card indicates spirituality even if you are an atheist. It’s in whatever sense the word ‘spirit’ makes sense to you, even if for you ‘spirit’ equates to ’emotion.’ You may be trying hard to figure out what the ‘truth’ is about someone (or some matter), don’t feel that you have to do it all on your own, ask for help if you need it to gain different perspectives, more information, etc.

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Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Elements of the Psychic World
Book Details
Elements of the Psychic World: Mary honoured Don Pedro’s wishes and lived a long and comfortable life, never leaving the Henniker home. After her death in 1814 at the age of 94 the house remained in the Wallace family’s hands for a hundred years. In 1916 it was bought by the Roy family.

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Angel Encyclopedia: The Christian monastic tradition—the withdrawal from the world in order to dedicate one’s life to God— developed in the early centuries after the death of Jesus. St. Pachomius was a fourth-century Egyptian Copt who, after his conversion to Christianity while in the Roman army, spent years in retreat with another hermit. He was praying alone in the desert of Tabenna when an angelic figure spoke to him and told him to found a monastery according to the rule the angel would give. His companion helped him to build what would become the first Christian cloister. A wall surrounded the humble structure as a symbol of the monk’s separation from the world, and no stranger was allowed beyond a certain point, leaving ‘the inner sanctum’ unsullied. Pachomius’s ‘Angelic Rule,’ one?

Creative Tarot: The tarot reader continued to defy my expectations. She didn’t read the cards by the book. Nor did she sugarcoat anything. She pointed to the Knights—dignified warriors when they are fighting valiantly, but bringers of chaos when they are not directed intelligently—who seemed to be waging war against minor characters. The Tower was there, sure, but it was contained safely in the “Hopes and Fears” position of the Celtic Cross spread, not actually in play. “It’s like you’re drowning in a birdbath,” she told me. “Stand up, it’s just a birdbath.”

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Tarot Triumphs: 27 In the thirteenth century, the Eremiti Augustini order of hermits was formed, evolving into companies of friars.