12-The Hanged Man Reversed Mage Health Tarot Reading

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Well-Being, Physical Health Or Mental Health:

When this card appears in reverse and you’ve not been feeling well, this can be a very important time to consider some radical changes in your habits to see how it affects your health and if it improves it. (With your medical practitioners blessing, of course.) For example, many people have found that their health improves markedly when they completely stop any intake of dairy food or meat or nightshade vegetables. You may change your mind radically about something that you think is wrong with you physically. As with an upright meaning, if you are not feeling well, give it some deep thought, do some research. Its possible that something you thought you understood could best be treated in another way. Listen to your body and what its telling you, and consider the potential spiritual relationship to any physical symptoms.

Card Meanings: Discontentment, Useless Sacrifice, False Prophecy, Unwillingness, Impulsiveness, Apathy, Disinterest, Stagnation, Negative Patterns

The Hanged Man generally shows that you are at a crossroads – one with only two options i.e. in or out, up or down, yes or no. You may find yourself very much wanting to do ‘something’ but having no idea what it is or how to do it. If that happens, that’s a clear sign that you should stop, relax, and look at ways that you might need to let go of attempts to control life/situations/people/things.

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Elements of the Psychic World
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Elements of the Psychic World: Typically a hypnotherapist will discuss with a client the reason why they want to undergo hypnosis as well as what they hope to achieve and take a full mental and physical health history. The first step would be to induce a trance-like state with a series of relaxation techniques. The client would then be

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Reversed Cards: The allure of escapism is rampant in spiritual circles. From taking mind-altering drugs to getting high off the energy of prayer and meditation circles, there are a lot of ways spiritual junkies can get their fix. This is the shadow aspect of the Hanged Man in many respects, as being in a constantly altered state can be exciting and enticing, but it’s not the goal. The goal is to move beyond the high and into the void, to push through the euphoria and step into the vastness of nothingness. But here in the shadow aspect, you are still seeking the high, the feeling that makes you feel alive and awake. The problem is that it is a temporary state. You can never stay in it and function in the physical world, which is why it is not a state to be achieved but a state to move through and move on from. If you have received this card in your reading or daily draw, then you are being asked what areas of your life you are hanging on to for the high. What things are you clinging to just because they make you feel more alive? It is important that you understand that these things are not helping you but hindering you. They have left you powerless and unable to truly create.

Tarot Triumphs: Again, you do not have to share your ritual or prayer with the other person. Tarot reading is a cooperative but not necessarily democratic process. Setting up the space is the diviner’s task, to be done with goodwill as he or she sees fit, and the process need not be explained to the querent. The querent is, or should be, largely in receptive mode, as someone who comes with a genuine question and is open to understanding what the cards might reveal. The job at hand for the Tarot practitioner is therefore to set up the best conditions for this reading.

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Reversed Cards: You will notice that not all seventy-eight cards are listed in this appendix. That is because not all the cards fit fully into a planetary alignment. The aces and pages encompass more than one zodiac sign. The knights, queens, and kings share more than one planet. This appendix is a guide to help you take your first steps to the planets and their sun signs.