31-Ten of Wands Reversed Rider Waite Work Tarot Reading

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Career, Work Or Retirement:

Card Meanings: Duty-Bound, No Stamina, Cleverness, Off-Loading, Insurmountable Problems, Collapse, Strength, Breakdown, Flogging A Dead Horse, Dumping, Shirking Duties/Responsibilities, Energy, Too Much Responsibility/ Stress, Learning To Say No, Working Hard But Getting Nowhere, Resigned To Fate, Not Up To The Challenge, Cross Too Heavy To Bear

The Lord of Oppression can be a tricky influence, because it indicates blocked energy and thwarted Will – both of these can work against us in our lives, causing frustration and confusion. Very often the reason that this situation arises is because we are unable to clearly communicate our feelings on a given topic, to somebody who has strong influence over our lives. We repress our inmost needs and, instead, present a bland and safe mask to the outside world. So on a day ruled by this card, there are processes you need to go through in order to work out what the problem is. First, consider whether this is a fleeting effect which will pass tomorrow or the next day. If so, then the chances are that regular use of the affirmation will clear your path. However, if you find that you’ve been feeling a bit frustrated for a while, today is the day to get to grips with that. Isolate the things that you really wish you could tell people around you who matter. Then consider why you might not be speaking your mind.

There can be many reasons for this – some of them useful and others damaging. Work out whether your silence is serving you well or ill. For instance, it’s not usually a very good idea to tell your boss that some of his habits drive you insane with frustration. If you discover that you do have unexpressed feelings in a situation where it would not be wise to express yourself out loud, then write everything down, and then vent your annoyance by ripping the paper up into several tiny pieces (don’t go directing it at the person…just at the habit, action or event). That should get some of your irritation out of your system!! If you cannot express your feelings because you’re prevented by circumstance – you are out of touch with the person concerned; you’re angry and frustrated about a world event; there seems to be no possible route to the people you need to talk to…..the paper trick could work well again. Or alternatively, visualise the person/people you need to speak with, and then tell them exactly how you feel. This act can have a quirky effect in that it often produces a response from the person on the other side of the discussion!

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Development for Beginners
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Development for Beginners: The use of guided mental imagery in conjunction with alpha level relaxation is a great way to get ready for psychic work. Your goal is to get to the point where you can relax quickly and be in complete control of your visualizations.

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Tarot Card Meanings: Ten of Wands; this card depicts a great burden or one who has too many projects to handle.  Although a card signifying hard work it can warn of overwork or too many responsibilities leading to delay, burnout or failure.  Some sources argue that the meaning represents prosperity but that which is won after much hard labor.  Reversed; battling many obstacles on many fronts, exhaustion, overwhelming sense of defeat.

Elements of the Psychic World: There are also numerous sites on the Web that offer to tell fortunes. Internet divination has become big business, with people paying – typically by credit card -to have their fortunes told. By going to a search engine and entering in a method of divination a number of sites will be found. There are astrology sites, palmistry sites, I Ching and Tarot and even those that delve into the lesser-known methods of divination. There are far too many to include in this book, but some of the more long-standing ones can be picked up in the rersources at the back of this encyclopedia.

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Elements of the Psychic World: Rhine began a series of experiments using ESP cards to test telepathy. He discovered that it was often hard to distinguish between telepathy and clairvoyance or precognition and concluded that they were different manifestations of the same thing. Rhine also discovered that telepathy is not affected by the degree of distance between senders, and this has been proved correct by later tests.