31-Ten of Wands Reversed Golden Health Tarot Reading

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Well-Being, Physical Health Or Mental Health:

If you have not been feeling well when this card appears, first give some thought to whether some or all of your symptoms could be a result of stress. You are likely to have been pushing yourself too hard for far too long. However, if in doubt, give yourself the peace of mind of obtaining a thorough medical check-up. Even if money is an issue, there are health care services available in most communities in some form if you know where to look. Ask around.

Card Meanings: Duty-Bound, No Stamina, Cleverness, Off-Loading, Insurmountable Problems, Collapse, Strength, Breakdown, Flogging A Dead Horse, Dumping, Shirking Duties/Responsibilities, Energy, Too Much Responsibility/ Stress, Learning To Say No, Working Hard But Getting Nowhere, Resigned To Fate, Not Up To The Challenge, Cross Too Heavy To Bear

When the Ten of Wands appears, you may feel as though you are carrying a very heavy burden. You may want to look hard at this and see if there are any ways that you might lighten your load either literally or figuratively. If you look carefully you may find that part of the burden you are carrying emotionally actually belongs to someone else. It will be important for you to pace yourself now. Don’t try to do too much.

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Elements of the Psychic World
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Elements of the Psychic World: The use of urine as a therapeutic substance, either by drinking it or bathing skin and wounds in it, is an ancient therapy that dates back to 1500 BC, when the Egyptians used it to cleanse burns. Ayurvedic scriptures dating back to 1000 BC also suggest the use of urine for poultices. Research has shown that urine therapy may not be as disgusting or as unhealthy as one might think. Urea, which is found in urine, is salty and when applied to a wound or sore skin it creates pressure that sucks water out of the area. This has an antiseptic effect on open wounds. The high levels of melatonin in urine also

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Creative Tarot: The Ten of Wands, then, can show up as a warning. It also asks you to interrogate the dark side of passion. How the trajectory of the Wands, which starts off so promising, so exciting, ends up in such a disappointing state.

Tarot Triumphs: And, of course, the Fool is allied to the Fool’s Mirror in the context of this school of Tarot. Who is more innocent than the Fool, in holding up a mirror to the universe? But also who is more ready to laugh with innocent merriment at the follies that appear there?

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Reversed Cards: Because Mars rears his head in this card, it is not a long stretch to believe he is quite enjoying the pain he is inflicting. Could you be playing Mars’s part in someone else’s life? People often find it easier to chastise others when they see them being foolish or emotionally overindulgent. They think nothing of adding to this misery and creating more suffering in someone’s life. With this card in the shadow aspect, just be mindful that you are not doing the same to someone in your current orbit.