45-Ten of Cups Reversed Golden Work Tarot Reading

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Career, Work Or Retirement:

The reversed Ten of Cups says that although you may not have every element that you would like, or think you deserve, in your work, that in general you are appreciated and that things are basically pretty good. Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. If you’re looking for work, stay upbeat and present yourself as a cheerful, interesting person to be around. That will help you to stand out.

Card Meanings: Keeping Up Appearances, Disharmony, Family Secrets, Dysfunctional Family, Social Services, Quarrel, Rocky Relationships, Neglect, Lack Of Security/Stability, Lack Of Teamwork, Miscarriage, Losing Your Home, Broken Home, Non-Traditional Families, Not Wanting Marriage/Children, Waste, Broken Relationships, Infertility, Homesickness, Divorce, Unhappy Home/Family Life, Isolation, Foster Families, Conflict, Separation

The Ten of Cups is another of the most uplifting of cards that you can receive. This card points to happiness in general, perhaps in a more mature, grown-up, global kind of way as opposed to the more personal, less global, wish fulfillment promised by the Nine of Cups. Either way it’s a good card.

This reading is part of a work tarot reading using the The Ten of Cups using cards from the with the Golden Tarot Deck. You will find many more tarot pages that will be of great help if you need tarot card meanings. Use the search at the bottom of the page. We have some amazing tarot books for you to browse. Please see below.

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Portable Magic
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Portable Magic: In the system of Golden Dawn correspondences used throughout this work, each number card of the four suits of the Minor Arcana from the Twos to the Tens receives its own unique title and ten degrees of the zodiac, called a decanate. Each decanate is ruled by a planet. Much of the meaning of the number cards in the Golden Dawn system is derived from the combined planet and sign of its decanate, but meaning also stems from the location of the cards on the Sephiroth and the planets assigned to them on the Tree of Life, from the general influence of the suit element, and from the intrinsic meaning of the numbers themselves. The Aces are regarded as separate and distinct from the other number cards in the Golden Dawn system, and are described as the roots of the powers of the elements.

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Angel Insights : Concentrating on the little things is more manageable and gives us back a sense of control. Little things give us a break from the headache of big projects. Little things allow us to lavish ourselves with pleasure and comfort, which gives us back our sense of gratitude. If you’ve been throwing your hands up in the air over a big project, or tossing and turning at night worrying about your future, treat yourself to a latte. Schedule a massage. Go to the store and get the ingredients for your favorite dinner. Put a little bit of money aside every week in a jar. Take a twenty-minute walk in nature. Watch a favorite funny movie. Clean out a closet. Make a phone call you’ve been putting off. Research a new hobby. Start a journal. Schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider to have your vitamin, mineral, and hormone levels checked. Take a cooking class. Organize a photo album. Clean your desk. Buy some comfy new socks. Pick one or two pieces in your wardrobe that have been bugging you and update them. Get a free makeover at the makeup counter. Take yourself out to breakfast and sit and linger at the table over the Sunday paper and a cup of coffee. Get dessert. Paint your nails. Sit down with a child or mentee and share with them one of your greatest life lessons. Teach a dog a trick. Plan a close-to-home, cheap weekend getaway with your partner or a friend. Give someone flowers. Give yourself flowers! Give someone a card and inside write down everything you love about them. Watch the sunset. Start a daily fifteen-minute meditation practice. Take a yoga class. Book an Angel Reading with me. Whatever you do, do something little. Do a bunch of little things.

Reversed Cards: The Chariot, along with its sun sign of Cancer, is ruled by the moon, which you might have noticed on your Chariot card. On the Chariot of Llewellyn’s Classic Tarot, we find the crescent moons show up in triplicate, which is interesting because sevens and threes tend to hang out together a lot in numerology. Maybe that is why we see the driver of this Chariot with his eyes closed. Perhaps he is tapping into the vision of his destination, not willing to move until he sees it clearly with his intuitive sight. This might just be a teachable moment from our seven. Here in the retrograde aspect, you are being instructed on how to intend, imagine, and create your journey. See it, believe it has already been achieved, and go have the actual physical experience. It really is a very simple equation. Yet how often do you do it? How often do you follow all the steps, in order? Even the sphinxes seem to understand that before they can move, the driver has to tap into the journey itself. He has to feel it, become it, and then engage with it. If you have drawn this card in the retrograding aspect, you are being schooled by the number seven on how to move without the doubt. The first step: stop and stand still.

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Tarot Triumphs: Tarocchi—Usually used as a name for specific card games played with Tarot decks, or a version of the Tarot. These games are still popular in Italy and France and come in a variety of forms.