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The tarot card associated with Scorpio is Death. As this card appears today the issue of is brought to your attention.

I wonder if there is a more-feared card in the Tarot deck? Yet Death is, in many ways, a hopeful and refreshing influence if only we will let it be. It is the major card for change and alteration in the entire deck. Since life itself changes constantly, in order to harmonise ourselves more completely with it, we too must be in a state of constant change – working toward our goals, attempting to fulfil our dreams and developing the quality of our spiritual understanding.

Death, as your star sign card, can bring any of the following energies: spiritual transformation, endings, change, transformation, unexpected change, new beginnings, failure, loss, letting go, transition, bad luck, death
In Reverse:, immobility, death, fear of beginnings, repeating negative patterns, stagnation, resisting change, inability to move forward, slow changes, cheating

You can click Death for more detail about how this card influences Scorpio tarotscopes but first let’s see if the influence is positive or negative and how strong it is.

This tarot horoscope is using cards from the Thoth Tarot Deck. Tarotscopes are a popular way to predict your future, similar to horoscopes but using tarot cards. Free tarotscopes exist on the internet for daily, weekly, and monthly forecasts on a variety of sites. Most tarotscopes are a few sentences for all 12 zodiac signs

About Scorpio: Scorpio is the 8th zodiac sign.It starts from October 23rd and ends on November 22nd. As the name suggests, the symbol is a scorpion. These people are dead serious in life. They are not the ones to indulge in idle chatter and little games. They come straight to the point and don’t waste time lingering over pleasantries. They have a tendency to see the world in black and white never in grey. Both Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio. Mars was named after the Roman God of War while Pluto was the God of the Underworld.

Tarot Horoscope for Scorpio Tarotscopes Thoth Deck

This star sign card is part of the Scorpio Tarotscope Reading with the Thoth Deck.

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