Spiritual Tarot Readings (Mage Tarot Deck,Pattern)

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Faith, Spirituality Or Psychic Progression

Tarot is a tool that can hone the focus of your spirituality, faith or psychic progression. It encourages self-exploration and can produce some incredible results. Don’t ask an open-ended question with limitless answers, Tarot readings are more accurate when you focus your thoughts and intentions in a specific . For many people, this will involve a higher power, whether it be God, the universe, an angel, a spirit guide or another spiritual entity that offers guidance when needed. Aces in a spiritual reading indicate new beginnings.

The principle purpose of a spiritual reading is to awaken from the ego and it’s mind and to realize/remember who we truly are. Who are you? At the level of your higher or true self you are part of universal consciousness, eternal and perfect, a part of the divine. You are a spiritual being of divine essence that has manifested for a time here on earth in physical form to experience, encounter, love and share. The principle purpose of this spiritual tarot reading is therefore to remember who we truly are, to experience and see life through our higher selves which in turn opens our eyes to the beauty, joy and love all around.

Timing: When looking for time sensitive answers, Pattern generally means very slow, meaning months or even years.



    With deep rich colors, the overall look is dark at times, as the deck was originally set in a ‘ World of Darkness’. The Mage Tarot is a deck of destiny. Within its 78 cards lies a Path from sleep to Awakening. It symbols are the signposts which mark the journey of the soul through the World of Darkness into a realm of greater possibilities.

    If a Pattern card appears in you reading, heres what you need to know:

    The Suit of Pattern covers material aspects of life including work, business, trade, property, money and other material possessions. The positive aspects of the Suit of Pattern include manifestation, realisation, proof and prosperity. Pattern deals with the physical or external level of consciousness and thus mirror the outer situations of your health, finances, work, and creativity. They have to do with what we make of our outer surroundings – how we create it, shape it, transform it and grow it. On a more esoteric level, Pattern is associated with the ego, self-esteem and self-image. The negative aspects of the Suit of Pattern include being possessive, greedy, overly materialistic, over-indulging and not exercising, not effectively managing, finances, being overly focused on career

    Practicalities, work, home, fertility,family, prosperity,education, manifestation, business.

    Timing: When looking for time sensitive answers, Pattern generally means very slow, meaning months or even years.

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    Complete Book of Tarot
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    Complete Book of Tarot: Earth: material goods, resources, money, work, sensual pleasure, building, tangible results, security, stability; goal-orientated, practical, analytical, organized, patient, persistent, grounded, deliberate, resourceful; the suit of Pentacles (Coins); the Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

    Tarot Books

    Complete Book of Tarot: You can also use the seven-card horseshoe spread to clarify two options. In this case, the central card (4) represents the situation you are asking about. Branching off from the central position are cards 3, 2, and 1, which represent respectively the pros, cons, and likely outcome of the first choice; and cards 5, 6, and 7, which signify the pros, cons, and likely outcome of the second choice.

    Complete Book of Tarot: In this and the following chapters, each tarot card is discussed in detail in the form of a list of associations for each card. These associations are grouped under the following headings, not all of which appear for every card.

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    Tarot Triumphs: The Fool’s Mirror is not a purely psychic approach to divination, and it needs a good basis of study and practice to work from, plus a solid knowledge of Tarot symbolism.