Work Tarot Readings (Salem Tarot Deck,Patens)

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Career, Work Or Retirement

Consulting the tarot can be just the thing you need to get valuable, unbiased guidance on work or retirement related matters. If you want to know whether you will be successful in your career, then there are 10 card of the 78 that bode very well for your career and many more that give guidance on career, work and retirement. A work or career reading is useful for finding which steps you can take to find the right career for you, seeing ways to create a harmonious work-life balance, seeking guidance on the next steps you need to take. Aces in a career reading indicate new beginnings.

You’ve no doubt heard the saying, “A bad workman blames his own tools.” Well the “tools” being blamed could be a host of things. It could be people, such as our work colleagues that are to blame for things not going right, for the situation we find ourselves in. It could be the company we work for, or our inabilty to find work or advance in our career. This is where a work or career tarot reading can help.

Timing: When looking for time sensitive answers, Patens generally means very slow, meaning months or even years.



    With deep rich colors, subdued by subtle shades of red/orange, the overall look is dark as you would expect from a deck loosely designed to reflect the witch periods of Salem. The Salem Tarot is a deck of magic and destiny. Within its 78 cards lies the souls path from birth to death and beyond. It’s uses pagan and medieval imagery and each card has subtle flashbacks to the times of Salem and the witch trials.

    If a Patens card appears in you reading, heres what you need to know:

    The Suit of Patens covers material aspects of life including work, business, trade, property, money and other material possessions. The positive aspects of the Suit of Patenes include manifestation, realisation, proof and prosperity. Patens deals with the physical or external level of consciousness and thus mirror the outer situations of your health, finances, work, and creativity. They have to do with what we make of our outer surroundings – how we create it, shape it, transform it and grow it. On a more esoteric level, Patens are associated with the ego, self-esteem and self-image. The negative aspects of the Suit of Patens include being possessive, greedy, overly materialistic, over-indulging and not exercising, not effectively managing, finances, being overly focused on career

    Practicalities, work, home, fertility,family, prosperity,education, manifestation, business.

    Timing: When looking for time sensitive answers, Patens generally means very slow, meaning months or even years.

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    Complete Book of Tarot
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    Complete Book of Tarot: Earth: material goods, resources, money, work, sensual pleasure, building, tangible results, security, stability; goal-orientated, practical, analytical, organized, patient, persistent, grounded, deliberate, resourceful; the suit of Pentacles (Coins); the Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

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