69-Six of Patens Reversed Salem Love Tarot Reading

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Romance, Love Or Relationships:

If you are looking for love, you may need to open yourself up more. Sometimes we think we are open when in truth we are not. Yes, it’s good to be independent, but taken to extremes this can alienate potential partners. If you are in a committed relationship that is not seeming to be going well, try giving more, instead of expecting more to be given to you.

Card Meanings: Inequality, Jealousy, Unfairness, Miserliness, Extortion, Scams, Meanness, Underpaid, Gullibility, Lack/Abuse Of Generosity, Lack Of Investment, Greed, Subservience, Fake Charity, Abuse Of Power Or Position, Gifts With Strings Attached, Bad Debts, Unemployment, Undervalued, Poor Financial Decisions, Lack Of Charity

The Six of Patens is often a sign of a turn for the better, particularly with regard to money. It’s one of the more positive cards. It speaks of equality, fairness, and the cyclical nature of life. When this card appears, you are likely to be heading into a positive cycle.

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Tarot Triumphs
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Tarot Triumphs: The layout now has seven cards in position: the significator plus the six cards that define the different elements of the situation.

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Elements of the Psychic World: Details vary widely but most initiations in magical lodges start by secluding the initiate to create a space physically and magically for the ceremony. The candidate usually blindfolded before being brought to the sacred space and left to wander around in circles, sometimes bumping into things, to create a heightened state of awareness. While in this state the candidate is taken through teachings, with the blindfold raised at significant moments to reveal important images. At some point during this process the candidate takes an oath binding him or

Elements of the Psychic World: Emerald: The stone of true love, emerald is thought to generate insight into a relationship – which may or may not be welcome. It is also thought to bestow psychic ability, heal inflammation and promote a feeling of inner peace and relaxation.

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