55-Six of Athames Upright Salem Work Tarot Reading

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Career, Work Or Retirement:

This is an energy under which simple mistakes can cause major problems at work. Be especially careful with important documents and correspondence; make sure your work is backed up and carefully stored. If you are looking for work, you may feel as though you are ‘on your own,’ in your quest. That’s not such a bad thing – allow yourself to look for work in places no one else might suggest or consider.

Card Meanings: Defeat, Floods, Stormy Relationships, Return From Travel, Eloping, Difficulties, Causing Trouble, Lack Of Progress, Nowhere To Run, Slow Healing, Obstacles, Out Of Frying Pan Into Fire, Disrupted/Cancelled Travel, Stuck, Trapped, Delay, Standing Your Ground, Rocking The Boat, Changing/ Abandoned Plans, Trouble Coming, Overwhelmed, Instability

When the Six of Athames appears, this is a great time for travel of any sort. It also can indicate metaphorical movement, a change in where you are inwardly. Usually this is a change for the better, whether the context is internal or external. Think about where you want to be.

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Tarot Triumphs
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Tarot Triumphs: Accompanying these interpretations, you will find thumbnail line-drawn images of each card. These are intended for immediate guidance and are based on traditional images from the Marseilles packs. They are drawn by Robert Lee-Wade; we have conferred as to which details to include so as to give a generic version of the pack with appropriate, but not definitive, detail.5 The full-size drawings of each card appear in chapter five.

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Portable Magic: Traditional magic relies on symbolism also, but in its often complex and ornate ceremonies these symbols are embodied by physical objects and instruments. For example, the magic circle is a protective shield or barrier that is physically marked or laid out on the floor or ground where the ritual is worked. It is well understood by those skilled in ritual that there is another intangible circle that exists on the astral level in the mind of the magician, without which the physical circle would be powerless. The circle held in the imagination is the living soul of the magic circle, and the physical circle laid out or marked on the floor serves as its body.

Development for Beginners: Elizabeth Baron’s career as a psychic medium has spanned multiple decades, and her broad-ranging expertise has allowed her to do work in numerous fields, including crime, missing persons, national issues, education, and personal counseling. She had also made many appearances on national radio programs and television shows.

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