28-Seven of Wands Reversed Rider Waite Work Tarot Reading

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Career, Work Or Retirement:

Card Meanings: Yielding, Lack Of Courage/ Self-Belief/ Stamina, Scandal/Losing Moral Authority/ Control/ Power/Respect, Indecision, Compromise, Failing To Defend/ Protect, Worn Down, Patience, Giving In/Up, Sharing Territory, Advantage, Being Timid, Folding On Your Beliefs, Surrendering, Resolution, Admitting Defeat, Weakness, Burn-Out, Quitting, Being Overbearing

The Lord of Valour reminds us to take stock of our inner reserves of courage and strength. It will often come up to mark times where great change is in the air, where momentous decisions need to be made, and where we must grasp the moment. On a day ruled by the 7 of Wands, the most important thing is to be alert for opportunities and great chances. Often these come up completely out of the blue, and must be seized without hesitation. This card often marks those apparently coincidental occurrences which begin a chain of events that leads us into a decisive and fulfilling life change. So pay special attention to everything that happens today. And at the same time, keep a running check on your own feelings. If today is the day upon which your dearest dream comes true, how will you feel? Are you ready to let change run in your life? Are you prepared to take risks? And do you feel that today, you trust yourself?

If you encounter resistance of any sort on a day ruled by the Lord of Valour, remember that this card is about being true to yourself, following the voice of your own heart, and protecting your needs and hopes. This is a day in which you need to believe in yourself. So hold hard against anything which interferes with that. Refuse to allow anything (or anybody) to undermine you. And keep in touch with what you believe to be true. And if you do all those things, today could bring miracles into your life!! Some battles are worth fighting, others just cause trouble. If you are involved in a conflict, ask yourself if it’s worth the struggle. Is it important? Does it have value? Will the outcome serve you or others? If so, be bold and aggressive. Defend your position. Refuse to yield! If not, then consider letting the conflict go. Be honest with yourself about this. You will be tempted to hold onto your position, especially if you have invested much time and energy into it. Don’t let battle lines be drawn unless the war is worth fighting.

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Development for Beginners
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Development for Beginners: The same goes for developing your intuition. Unlike bike riding, however, developing your intuition won’t leave you with any physical scrapes and scars. But the more you do it, the better at it you will get at it. Start off slow and work your way up, and gradually, you will learn how to fully harness the powers of your intuition.

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Creative Tarot: I started by drawing one card a day and just seeing what happened during that day. I looked for the situation on the card to show itself in my life. (I write more about this process, and how you can replicate it, in the “How to Do a Reading” chapter.) I would pull the Seven of Wands and then notice how I felt like I was bashing heads against everyone I came in contact with—including my own not-so-helpful thoughts and anxiety. I would pull the Ten of Swords and notice all of the ways I was trying to sustain friendships, relationships, or work projects that were better abandoned.

Elements of the Psychic World: The Romany people have been travellers from as far back as the eleventh or twelfth centuries AD. Their religious beliefs are a mix of nature worship, folk magic and Christianity and to treat them unfairly or disrespectfully is thought to bring bad luck – the origin of the gypsy curse. They believe strongly in the afterlife and the spirit world and are renowned for their skills in the divinatory arts of palmistry, tarot and scrying.

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Elements of the Psychic World: Prior to 1930 psychical research was typically carried out outside the science laboratory. Mediums would be investigated under controlled conditions and evidence of spontaneous phenomena, such as ghosts, would revolve around eye-witness accounts and interviews. Then along came pioneer researcher J B Rhine and the era of controlled laboratory experiments and statistical evaluation began. Rhine’s objective while conducting ESP experiments at Duke University in North Carolina was to demonstrate scientifically that psychic ability was a natural faculty. Test subjects were not mediums but ordinary people, and experiments involved ESP tests such as guessing cards. The results were then evaluated statistically.