42-Seven of Cups Reversed Golden Love Tarot Reading

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Romance, Love Or Relationships:

When is comes to love, this card in reverse says that you have finally gotten very clear about what you want and need from love, and are ready to take steps to make it happen. Follow your instincts. There is nothing wrong with making your feelings clear to someone that you care for. You may be very pleasantly surprised at their reaction. It’s better to take action sometimes than to spend your life in dreaming about ‘what if?’ Again, trust your gut. If you think (and have evidence) that someone is not treating you right, then they aren’t.

Card Meanings: Determination, Will-Power, Clarity, Missed Opportunities, Poor Choices, Avoiding Issues, Lack Of Spiritual Growth, Sobriety, Reality Check, Opportunities Or Options, Lack Of Choice, Reality, Decisiveness, Feeling Trapped

The Seven of Cups is a card about choices. It often indicates confusion and can even also point to disorganization and too much going on.

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Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Elements of the Psychic World
Book Details
Elements of the Psychic World: Besotted with the beautiful Anne, Henry asked the Catholic Church for a divorce from Catherine of Aragon. The Church refused, so in order to marry Anne, Henry created a reformed version of the church, making himself the head – a direct challenge to the authority of the Pope. Having obtained his divorce and married Anne, Henry was determined to have a son, but Anne gave birth to a girl, Elizabeth, in 1533, and from then on the relationship between Anne and Henry deteriorated. Henry found a new love interest in Jane Seymour. Anne became pregnant again, but the child was stillborn. Henry, determined to rid himself of Anne, fabricated a charge of treason and confined her to the Tower of London. Her execution took place on 19 May 1536.

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Creative Tarot: If you pull the Seven of Cups, you have to ask yourself whether your idea of where you want to end up is fantasy or if it’s imagination. And the only way to tell the difference is to see how much real work you’re putting into your development.

Tarot Triumphs: In a Fool’s Mirror Tarot reading, each of us takes on the guise of this fool in an innocent quest for meaning. With the cards as a mirror, we can hold up a reflecting surface to the universe and witness the forms and designs captured there. We aspire to do this for others too; the job of fool-as-Tarot-reader is to enable someone to perceive the situation that the mirror captures and to gain a little perspective on it. Perhaps, with good intention and a little luck, we will be able to convey this with wisdom too. Our knowledge of the Tarot helps us to interpret the cards, and by going further, and simply beholding that reflection, we may also touch on a deeper level of knowledge coming from a greater source of consciousness.

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Reversed Cards: For me, the Three of Wands in the upright position has always represented the idea of ‘go big or go home.’ I am sure it has something to do with the figure always peering off the top of a cliff wondering about what is beyond the horizon. If in the upright position it is the ‘go big or go home’ card, then here in the blocked aspect, there is a good chance you’re still sitting on the couch freaking out about the whole concept of what ‘going big’ actually means. This is what we call resistance to expansion. We all suffer it at certain times in our lives. Leaving what you know behind for what you don’t know can be scary, but it might also be the best adventure of your life.