62-Queen of Swords Reversed Golden Family Tarot Reading

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Family, Friends & Relationships:

In general The reversed Queen of Swords can indicate stumbling blocks; these are most often created by other people besides you but occasionally refers to those which you are creating. Do you behave in ways that people find abrasive? Are you shooting yourself in the foot without realizing it? If you don’t know, ask someone you trust to be honest with you.

Card Meanings: Bitter, Absent Mother, Repressed Trauma, Vindictive, Sly, Spiteful, Poor Communication, Scatter-Brain, Obsessive, Cruel, Rude, Dependant, Not Learning From Past, Malicious Gossip, Unforgiving, Pessimistic, Keen, Mental Fogginess, Cheater, Deceitful, Nasty, Dysfunctional, Manipulative, Harsh, Lack Of Empathy, Overly Critical

The Queen of Swords can point to a woman in the querent’s life. This is a woman who is not to be trifled with. Often she will have dark hair and/or eyes. If not a person, she can point to the need for you to be forceful and honest in some situation to get your needs met. You may need to put your foot down.

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Elements of the Psychic World
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Elements of the Psychic World: Paul Kurtz, chairman of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal in Buffalo, New York, offered to put the family up in a hotel for a week, where they could be observed with cameras. The Smurls refused, saying that they believed Kurtz had already made up his mind that the story was a hoax. Kurtz later wrote in an article that the case was not paranormal and the Smurls had denied him access because they were afraid of what he might discover. He pointed out a number of discrepancies in the Smurls’ story, such as Mrs Smurl saying she had contacted the police when there was no record of her complaints, and suggested natural explanations for the phenomena experienced by the Smurls. These natural explanations included a broken sewer pipe causing foul smells, pranks by the teenagers, delusions and

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Reversed Cards: Words are powerful, and when the Queen of Swords is in her upright position, she tends to infuse her words with the energy of her ruling planet, Venus. But here in the retrograde aspect, she has more fire and less love to go around. If you have received this card in the retrograde position, you need to start being mindful of your self-talk. If you notice you are spending a lot of time beating yourself up or constantly using negative tones, stop. Reframe your self-talk and inner dialogue before you cut yourself too deeply with the queen’s sword.

Tarot Triumphs: When you reach this point, make sure that you are well rooted in your own physical position; it can be helpful to bring back the attention to the body and sense it as a whole for a few moments. Then turn your attention back to the Tarot Triumphs and allow your gaze to encompass the whole layout. Imagine that you are the Fool, in the very best sense of divine openness, and that the Tarot symbols are reflected in your mirror that you hold to witness the sacred workings of creation. Let the gaze rest there, keeping it wide, wider than the actual physical dimensions of the layout, and retain this sense of expansiveness lightly, so that it does not narrow down again.

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Reversed Cards: Each of these cards deals with the concepts of independence, enthusiasm, beginnings, and new opportunities.