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Mrs Harrington

Cath Harrington-Evans is a psychic medium and clairvoyant based in Shrewsbury.
Her great grandmother was an Irish gypsy medium who travelled reading tea leaves, palms and tarot.
She is the author of several books which can be bought online.
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Important Note: There are so many people searching for Mrs Harrington, I have done my best to include her contact details. Sorry no phone number. If by chance I have the wrong Mrs Harrington, ie it is NOT Cath Harrington, would someone kindly drop me a line please.
Psychics Falkirk

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Psychics Falkirk

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Here are some extracts from a few of my favorites

Psychic Development for Beginners. The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability. Grace Loveman Click to Buy the Book!

Development for Beginners: Step 5: Imagine the shell growing hard, like a suit of psychic energy armor. Then, visualize the shell not only encompassing you, but completely filling you up as well (this may require you to project additional energy into the shell).

Books to help develop your powers as a psychic

Development for Beginners: Therefore, it is quite possible to reach an alpha state and perform psychic work while keeping your eyes open. The ability to do so depends largely on your own aptitude and preference along with the technique that you are using and the goal

Development for Beginners: Parapsychology is a relatively new field of study; the term having been coined around 1889 by a philosopher named Max Dessoir. It was adopted some 40 years later by J.B. Rhine as a proxy for the term ‘psychical research.’ Parapsychology proponents regard the field as an “embryo science.” Its critics, however, argue that parapsychology is nothing more than a pseudoscience, as no conclusive evidence has been found, and any experimental successes can be chalked up to methodological flaws.

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