49-King of Cups Reversed Golden Work Tarot Reading

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Career, Work Or Retirement:

At times The reversed King of Cups can point to an upcoming emotional outburst from a man at work. This can be unsettling at first, but after some time, everyone involved should have learned something positive and important about the situation(s). Don’t take this outburst personally, even if it is directed at you. But the issues/the outburst may need to be ‘unpacked’ with him, later, to get to the bottom of things.

Card Meanings: Conman, Overly Emotional, Gullible, Rape, Unkind, Cheater, Crafty, Violent, Violence, Repressed, Blocked Creativity, Cold, Depressed, Overwhelmed, Anxious, Affair With Married Man, Scandal, Uncaring, Unbalanced, Withdrawn, Controlling, Manipulation, Double-Dealer, Deviance, Emotionally Immature Male, Moody

The King of Cups speaks of balanced male and feminine energy; he holds all the positive qualities of both masculine and feminine. Often he indicates a literal man in your life. Usually, when he represents a live person’, he’s referring to a very kind and loving man, who will generally have hair on the lighter end of the spectrum. Know that you are supported by the universe, in ways seen and unseen, when he appears.

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Portable Magic
Book Details
Portable Magic: In traditional Western ceremonial magic, or the more modern systems of magic based on it such as that taught by the Golden Dawn, various instruments are used during rituals in order to bring about willed purposes. Most of these tools are physical objects. Among the more important tools are the wand, the sword, the lamp, the knife, the altar, the ring, the cup, the sash, the robe, the lamen, the temple or ritual chamber, the pillars, and the banners of the quarters; there are many others that vary from system to system. They are often beautiful and precious objects, expensive and difficult to make. This alone has inhibited many individuals who might otherwise have pursued the study of ceremonial magic. They fear they do not possess the skill to make the instruments correctly, they cannot afford to buy them already made, or they do not have a room in their house that they can set aside as a temple wholly for ritual work.

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Portable Magic: She gathers up the cards in the reverse of the order in which they were laid out, first the King of Cups and the three realizers beneath it, then the three elemental trumps of the triangle, then the three planetary modifiers on the circle, followed by the cards of the circle itself, and finally her own significator followed by the

Tarot Triumphs: Temperance is one of the most beautiful, soothing cards in the Tarot pack; the winged figure is indeed a Triumph of gentle control over flowing waters.42 However, she has a rainbow spectrum of possible meanings, rather like a prism of light shining in the spray of the waters, created as she pours them endlessly. The waters do indeed seem to flow eternally in both directions, a form of superior recycling. One of her messages is that the resources we have will stay fresh and renew themselves if we use them moderately, but generously. Creating the right kind of flow is everything. Even the loveliest of Tarot images come with warnings, however, and in certain readings the card could indicate wastefulness, flux, or a vacillating instability.

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Reversed Cards: Just to add to the ambiguity of this card, it is associated with the mysterious, moody, constantly shifting moon. If this card has shown up in the retrograde aspect, you may want to check in with the current moon phases, as each phase has specific lessons, blessings, and challenges. These lessons and blessings may be unexpected, as the planet Uranus is all about surprises. Whether they are good or bad will depend on you.