20-Judgment or Rejuvenation Upright Mage Work Tarot Reading

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Career, Work Or Retirement:

Your efforts are being watched so this is an important time to put in extra effort and for paying attention to detail. The news ultimately is likely to be good. If you’ve been trying hard and doing your best, your efforts are very likely to pay off. If you’ve been slacking off, now is the time to get with the program, before any permanent damage is done to your career.

Card Meanings: Snap Judgments, Rejuvenation, Awakening, Self-Evaluation, Decisiveness, Composure, Apportioning Blame, Rebirth, Homesickness, Judgment, Atonement, Judgment, Improvement, Promotion, Renewal

Judgment can be a card about jumping to conclusions, decisions and of course, judgments, which are too hastily made. If you are prone to such things, this is a clear signal to slow down and give things more thought and to give people ‘more chances.’ This can also be a time of fundamental spiritual awakening.

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Development for Beginners
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Development for Beginners: Furthermore, the experimenters who worked on the designing of the sensory experiences were completely removed from the dream collection process and had no working knowledge of what Bessent had dreamt. Similarly, the experimenters who worked on the collection of dreams and monitored the electroencephalograph (EEG) had nothing to do with the creation and execution of the sensory experience. Each set of experimenters worked in complete isolation of the other.

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Portable Magic: It is also possible to use the power of these negative cards as weapons in honourable ways in the defines of others, or for the punishment of those who have committed harmful or evil acts. This use is fraught with peril, since it is difficult to be sure that punishment sent to others is justified, and there is always the chance that it will rebound on the person who sends it. My recommendation is that you employ the cards with harmful meanings only as a way of representing similar threats, and in this way, contain them.

Portable Magic: It is essential to understand that the elemental and astrological factors in the Tarot correspondences are attributed primarily to the three groups of Hebrew letters rather than to the trumps. Across the bridge of the Hebrew alphabet, these elemental and astrological factors became associated in a secondary way with the trumps. It is with these secondary associations that we are concerned in Tarot magic, not with the Hebrew alphabet itself. Each trump embodies and expresses the elemental or astrological quality to which it is linked. By manipulating the trump in ritual, we

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Tarot Triumphs: Another idea would be to work on stories that are only seven cards long, but by taking sequences of seven that do not correspond with the sevenfold numbering template that I’ve just described. For instance, your story could run from the Empress to the Hermit, or the Hanged Man to the Moon. As well as being creative and, hopefully, enjoyable, this will help to give an idea of how the sequence of the Tarot cards develops within the complete pack.