Health Tarot Readings (Mage Tarot Deck,Dynamism)

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Well-Being, Physical Health Or Mental Health

Health matters are one of the big three questions most readers get from their clients, friends, and even themselves. There are many tarot cards that will guide you on strengthening immunity and improving health or understanding past present and future health issues. Your well-being and mental health can also benefit from reading the cards. The tarot can also be used with the major arcana or the suits to give very detailed readings on health matters, Aces in a health reading indicate new beginnings.

In order to achieve and maintain good health we also need to have a healthy energy and be working with our spirit guides. This way lies the path to a well-adjusted successful and healthy life. Nourish and balance your mind, body and spirit, and you won’t go far wrong as regards your health. Your Health Tarot Reading is simply one way to connect with the spirit world so let the cards guide you.

Timing: When looking for time sensitive answers, Dynamism generally means moderately fast, often a matter of days to weeks.



With deep rich colors, the overall look is dark at times, as the deck was originally set in a ‘ World of Darkness’. The Mage Tarot is a deck of destiny. Within its 78 cards lies a Path from sleep to Awakening. It symbols are the signposts which mark the journey of the soul through the World of Darkness into a realm of greater possibilities.

If a Dynamism card appears in you reading, heres what you need to know:

The Suit of Dynamism is associated with action, change, force, power, oppression, ambition, courage and conflict. Action can be both constructive and/or destructive, sometimes resulting in violence. This suit can also mean hatred, battle, and enemies, and of all the suits, this one is considered to be the most powerful and dangerous. The Suit of Dynamism deals with the mental level of consciousness that is centred around the mind and the intellect. Dynamism mirrors the quality of mind present in your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs. Double-edged the Suit of Dynamism symbolises the fine balance between intellect and power and how these two elements can be used for good or evil. Dynamism must be balanced by the other suits spirit and feeling. The negative aspects ofDynamism(i.e. when the cards appear reversed) include anger, guilt, harsh judgement, a lack of compassion and verbal and mental abuse.

Ideas, communication, mental dexterity, mental challenges, talking, writing, truths/untruths.

Timing: When looking for time sensitive answers, Dynamism generally means moderately fast, often a matter of days to weeks.

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Here are some short extracts from my favorite books to give you a feel for the book.

Complete Book of Tarot
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Complete Book of Tarot: Air: communication, sharing ideas, inquisitiveness, mental agility, interrelationships, connecting the dots, logic, wit, cool objectivity, quickness, cunning, persuasion, strategy, thoughts, words, intellect; the suit of Swords; the Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

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Portable Magic: The action of any modifier is strongest if it is used alone. Placed on the lunar sect, its working will tend to be more subtle or secret, less material and less overt. Placed on the solar sect, the action of a modifier will tend to be active, more aggressive, obvious, and emphatic. Use of two or more modifiers blends the qualities of the planets they represent. The combined action of two or more modifiers is strengthened by aspects in harmony with the ritual purpose, but weakened by discordant aspects.

Portable Magic: The Sevens express degeneration and excess, the misuse of the higher for the lower. Imbalance causes weakness amid an abundance of force, as strength works against itself. The victory is hollow. Emotional creation without critical judgment produces wild frenzies of passion that lack maturity.

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Portable Magic: The next most active zones are the seven spheres of the planets, and for this reason the trumps of the Double letters that are associated with these spheres follow in potency or effectiveness in works of magic. Their active energy is not at an equal level, but diminishes with the distance of their spheres from the earthly realm. The trump linked to the sphere of the Moon is most active, and the trump linked with the sphere of Saturn least active among the planetary trumps. The Moon completes her cycle against the backdrop of the stars (a sidereal month) in slightly less than twenty-eight days, whereas Saturn requires more than twenty-nine years for a single orbit. The astrological periods of the planets suggest the relative activity of the trumps to which they are linked.