25-Four of Wands Reversed Thoth Family Tarot Reading

This page is part of your family tarot reading with the Thoth Tarot Deck. If you are reading this page by accident you may prefer our Spirit Guide Quiz or if you looked for The Four of Wands specifically try The Four of Wands Thoth Tarot Meaning. Love, Luck and Light to all!

Family, Friends & Relationships:

Unexpected good fortune could be headed your way when this card appears. Still, that doesn’t mean to throw away all your hard work and simply sit back. All good things are added to when we make efforts and when we make a point to share and give to others, in whatever way we can. Just do your best.

Card Meanings: Community Divided, New Ambitions, Lack Of Community Spirit, New Relationship, Being Jilted, Cancelled Celebrations/Surprises/Parties/ Weddings/ Events, Action, Unhappy Families, Leaving Home, Instability, Postponed/ Cancelled Reunion, Uprooting, Neglect, Not Fitting In, Feeling Unwelcome, Insecurity, Lack Of Support/ Success/ Teamwork/Achievement

The Four of Wands often indicates that you may be attending a special event – one which will be way more fun than you are anticipating. So, go, and have a good time. Business is also likely to be going very well at this time, you will be proud of yourself, and others will be proud of you.

This reading is part of a family tarot reading using the The Four of Wands using cards from the with the Thoth Tarot Deck. You will find many more tarot pages that will be of great help if you need tarot card meanings. Use the search at the bottom of the page. We have some amazing tarot books for you to browse. Please see below.

Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Elements of the Psychic World
Book Details
Elements of the Psychic World: In Scottish folklore brownies are kindly spirits, also known as the bwca in Wales and the pixies in Cornwall. When they appear they are believed to look like small men – about three feet high – and are unkempt and wild in appearance. They are said to become attached to particular families and are happy to do chores for the family at night.

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Tarot Card Meanings: Four of Wands; a card of successful completion, perfection, harmony and security.  Enjoyment of the rewards of labor, relaxation, celebration.  Reversed; this card is generally believed to represent the same meaning whichever way it falls. 

Tarot Triumphs: It’s important to become familiar with the names and images of each card before trying out a Tarot divination. If they are new to you, I suggest that you get to know them all as if you were becoming acquainted with guests at a dinner party, or fellow travelers on an expedition. You don’t need to know everything about the Tarot Triumphs at this stage, but it’s crucial to be able to recognize all of them and have a sense of their key meanings. That way, your intuition can work with the card combinations because you have already absorbed the essential identity of the individual cards. You can use the illustrations in this book, your own pack, and the two sets of descriptions that I’ve given earlier to get to know the twenty-two cards. It’s good to master the numbering too if you can, but it’s not compulsory at this point. We’ll discuss the sequence of the numbers in the next chapter.

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Reversed Cards: The Ace of Swords tends to represent an idea, belief, or way of thinking that is being offered up to us for our personal use. But what if these beliefs or ways of thinking could actually do you more harm than good? What if you needed that sword to cut through what is offered and rid yourself of an unwanted mindset? How, then, would you hold that sword? Would you swing it slow and low, or would you swing it highly and swiftly? These questions are all brought up because the card is in the protection aspect, and only you can answer them in regard to your current question or situation.