26-Five of Wands Upright Thoth Work Tarot Reading

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Career, Work Or Retirement:

Know that you are facing competition, but if you play your cards right, that you can compete successfully. The only way to lose for sure is not to try. Play fair even if all around you are not doing so. People who play dirty may seem to win in the short term, but as Gandhi said, that sort of win is never, ever permanent.

Card Meanings: Arguments, Being Defensive/ Territorial, Struggle, Lawsuit Or Quarrel, Strikes, Conflict, Opposition, Disagreements, Pent Up Energy/Aggression, Frustration, Assertive, Temper, Courage, Clashing Personalities/Egos, Adrenaline, Chaos, Sports, Rows, Unruliness, Aggression, Fighting, Competition, Lack Of Control/ Cooperation, Being Rough, Battles, Irritation

The Five of Wands often refers to competition. Usually this is in the career/work arena, but sometimes it can refer to romantic rivals. Don’t be afraid of competing, know that you have something to offer, and can be successful. But you have to try, to see results.

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Complete Book of Tarot
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Complete Book of Tarot: Crowley/GD: Work, material works, paid employment, engineering, construction, gain in business transactions.

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Reversed Cards: Having five wands of magical power at your disposal sure would be handy, but if you don’t know how to use them properly, you could end up with more destruction than creation. When the Five of Wands shows up in the blocked aspect, your life could look more like a battlefield than a playground of organized chaos. There is a fine line between conflict and creative flow. Tension often offers possibilities to showcase gifts and talents we don’t normally use. Be warned, though: if you stay in this blocked energy, you will burn yourself out.

Complete Book of Tarot: Over the years, many ways of conceptualizing the court cards have appeared in the literature. Several tarot readers, myself included, have been influenced by the writings of Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung. Not only did Jung elaborate the concept of archetypes that relate directly to the images on the cards, but he also developed a theory of personality types that is useful in understanding the court cards.

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Complete Book of Tarot: Waite (1911): A hand issues from a cloud, grasping a sword, the point of which is encircled by a crown. Divinatory Meanings: Triumph, the excessive degree in everything, conquest, triumph of force. It is a card of great force, in love as well as in hatred. The crown may carry a much higher significance than comes usually within the sphere of fortune-telling. (R) The same, but the results are disastrous; another account says—conception, childbirth, augmentation, multiplicity.