26-Five of Wands Upright Salem Spiritual Tarot Reading

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Faith, Spirituality Or Psychic Progression:

Know that spiritual growth is not a competition. When The reversed Five of Wands appears, people may try to convince you that you need to grow a certain way, at a certain speed, and so forth. Know, too, that spiritual growth can involve dealing with and accepting some apparent contradictions. Try to become more comfortable with paradox.

Card Meanings: Reaching Agreements, Extreme Aggression, Suppressed Temper, End Of Conflict/ Row/ Struggle, Battle Fatigue, Intimidation, Harmony, Compromise, Lack Of Competition, War, Finding Solutions, Peace, Shyness, Order, Fear Of Confrontation, Short Fuse, New Opportunities, Generosity, Looking For An Argument, Focus, Control, Cooperation

The Five of Wands often refers to competition. Usually this is in the career/work arena, but sometimes it can refer to romantic rivals. Don’t be afraid of competing, know that you have something to offer, and can be successful. But you have to try, to see results.

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Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Tarot Triumphs
Book Details
Tarot Triumphs: What similarities are there between the cards? This will help me to perceive the nature of this particular interaction. Briefly, I would say: maleness, authority, cleverness, and potential trickery.

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Elements of the Psychic World: Cherry —The cherry tree is home to the magical phoenix. The spirit of this tree is often fiery in appearance. It has the ability to bring individuals to the threshold of a new awakening.

Portable Magic: In addition to direct contact with the Secret Chiefs, both on the physical and the astral planes, Mathers and his wife had recourse to the usual techniques of nineteenth century spiritualism to obtain their spirit communications. Mathers mentions the ‘table’ as well as ‘the ring and the disc.’ The table is probably communication by means of rapping noises from a wooden table during seances, a common method. One rap signified yes, two raps no, and the medium could specify to the spirit the meaning of various numbers or combinations of raps to achieve more complex responses. The ring and the disc is a method of divination by which a ring is sus pended on a length of silk thread over a disk of paper marked with a cross. The swing of the ring in ways agreed on beforehand with the spirits in control of the ring was accepted as either a positive or a negative response. For example, the swing of the ring in an arc above the vertical arm of the cross might be interpreted as a yes, and the swing of the ring above the horizontal arm taken as a no to any question put to the spirits.

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