Finance Tarot Readings (Thoth Tarot Deck,Disks)

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Finance, Money Matters Or Debt

Next to love,money is the second most popular tarot reading. Financial security is pretty vital for peace of mind. When finance becomes uncertain, it can cause incredible worry and stress. While a finance tarot reading cannot guarantee lottery winnings or wealth, there are cards in every tarot deck that can give important guidance about your finances. The suit of Pentacles (Disks/Coins) applies specifically to money matter, abundance, and prosperity. Some card combinations point to financial issues that could present challenges and others that suggest money is on the way.

When it comes to money and finance, the outcomes you are choosing need to be both achievable and recognisable when you receive them. In other words, you need to be able to gauge an outcome, to say it has happened, is complete. So, wanting a better salary is an objective and easy to recognise when it arrives. It is easier than say, wanting a “winning the lottery”. Some these wishes are too general to be easily recognised. Bbreak it into something achievable and recognisable. If it’s money you want then state the amount clearly. Use your Finance/Money Reading to guide you.

Timing: When looking for time sensitive answers, Disks generally means very slow, meaning months or even years.



The magnificent Thoth Tarot Deck contains the Kabbalistic and astrological attributions described in Aleister Crowleys Book Of Thoth. It is known for its striking beauty, as well as its depiction of an understanding of the occult that was gathered over a lifetime of study. In 1773 Antoine Court de Gébelin claimed that Egyptian priests coded the Book of Thoth into the images of the tarot.

If a Disks card appears in you reading, heres what you need to know:

The Suit of Disks covers material aspects of life including work, business, trade, property, money and other material possessions. The positive aspects of the Suit of Disks include manifestation, realisation, proof and prosperity. Disks deal with the physical or external level of consciousness and thus mirror the outer situations of your health, finances, work, and creativity. They have to do with what we make of our outer surroundings – how we create it, shape it, transform it and grow it. On a more esoteric level, Disks are associated with the ego, self-esteem and self-image. The negative aspects of the Suit of Disks include being possessive, greedy, overly materialistic, over-indulging and not exercising, not effectively managing, finances, being overly focused on career

Practicalities, work, home, fertility,family, prosperity,education, manifestation, business.

Timing: When looking for time sensitive answers, Disks generally means very slow, meaning months or even years.

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Portable Magic
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Portable Magic: The essential meaning for a suit symbol resides in its general shape, not in its ornamentation or designation. In a general sense, Wands are wooden rods or staffs that are similarly blunt at both ends. Cups are concave vessels for holding liquids. Swords are steel blades pointed at a single end. Pentacles are flat, circular disks. It is these shapes that must be considered when seeking to understand the overall nature of the suits. Wands express balanced force and rule. Cups express nurture and reflection. Swords express directed force and punishment. Pentacles express solidity and substance.

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Elements of the Psychic World: The ghost of a person on the verge of death. According to lore the wraith appears as an exact likeness of its human counterpart, and commonly reveals itself to the friends and family of the person who is about to die. If a person is unfortunate enough to see his or her own wraith, it is regarded as heralding death within a fortnight. The tradition appears to have developed from the ancient belief that a person’s soul is a precise duplicate of the person’s physical form and that it escapes the body when death is imminent. Perhaps the most famous example occurred to the poet Shelley (1792-1822), who supposedly saw his own wraith as he was about to step on a boat which was to take him across the Bay of Spezia in Italy to the town of Livorno and a meeting with his old friend, Leigh Hunt. A storm hit the boat on the return trip and Shelley drowned, fulfilling the tradition of the wraith.

Elements of the Psychic World: The most likely explanation for this case is psychokinetic energy unleashed by a member of the Wesley family. Mrs Wesley harboured deep resentment against her husband because of his desertion of her and his family. It’s also possible that one of the children was the prime agent of the

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Elements of the Psychic World: The Littlecote estate dates back at least as far as the thirteenth century but the mansion standing today (now a hotel) was built in the late fifteenth century by the Darrell family. Henry was the first recorded royal visitor to Littlecote in 1520 and it is here that he later courted the beautiful Jane Seymour, a relative of the Darrells.