22-Ace of Wands Upright Salem Love Tarot Reading

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Romance, Love Or Relationships:

As with an upright meaning, if you are single, The reversed Ace of Wands can indicate the beginning of a new love relationship. This card can also indicate the birth of a child; so if this is a possibility for you and you are not yet ready, make sure you take all the appropriate precautions, and then some. In an existing relationship, this card shows a need to think before you speak and to listen hard to your partner. Misunderstandings are easy now.

Card Meanings: Disappointing News, Stopping Something, Infertility, Creative Blocks, Missed Opportunities, Hesitant, Bored, Cancelled Travel, Being Too Intense, Slow, Pregnancy Issues, Lack Of Determination, Delays, Lack Of Initiative/ Passion/ Assertiveness/ Energy/ Enthusiasm/ Motivation/ Growth/ Action/ Spark/ Fun, Setback, Wasted Talent/Potential, Selfishness, Stuck

Usually indicating new beginnings – generally very positive ones, this card is in the realms of accomplishment and often generally related to work or career. Stay at home mums often draw this card too. If you are having a difficult time and draw The Ace of Wands in a reading, know that things are likely to be getting much better very soon!

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Tarot Ultimate Guide
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Tarot Ultimate Guide: To be able to understand the Tarot card deck, you need to know that there are 78 Tarot cards in a complete deck. Each deck is comprised of two parts. The larger of these two sets is called the Minor Arcana cards. The smaller of the two sets is the Major Arcana cards. When it comes to the mystic forces that are out there, you want to make sure that you have a clear understanding of what the cards are trying to tell you. Every card in your deck has something to say. You are there to interpret the cards that are laid out in front of you and determine what future they are predicting. The more you understand each card, the better you will be able to connect with the mystical world and let people know what it is telling you.

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Development for Beginners: In the 10th century, an Arab historian by the name of Masoudi scribed that the ancient Egyptians used magic spells to move the large stones. Masoudi’s story was even cited in science and history writer Andrew Collins’ Gods of Eden: Egypt’s Lost Legacy and the Genesis of Civilization.

Complete Book of Tarot: When reversed, the Two of Cups implies that you might be having difficulty with a friendship or romantic interest. It may be that the close bond you thought existed was really a false friendship or that the other person does not truly have your best interests at heart. There appears to be some sort of lack of commitment to the relationship. If you are unable to resolve the disharmony, it could result in estrangement or the dissolution of a relationship. In terms of romance, it may be that sexual attraction between the partners is simply lacking. There is no point continuing to pursue someone if the only response you get is disinterest or unrequited love. A relationship based on sex without love and mutual respect is doomed to failure.

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