22-Ace of Wands Reversed Golden Work Tarot Reading

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Career, Work Or Retirement:

The Ace of Wands reversed shows good possibilities at and for work, but there is a downside implied here as well. For instance you may find/have a good job, but have a supervisor who is difficult. Or there may be misunderstandings at work which make you feel as though you aren’t valued. Don’t jump to conclusions, if you are having difficulty, ask questions.

Card Meanings: Disappointing News, Stopping Something, Infertility, Creative Blocks, Missed Opportunities, Hesitant, Bored, Cancelled Travel, Being Too Intense, Slow, Pregnancy Issues, Lack Of Determination, Delays, Lack Of Initiative/ Passion/ Assertiveness/ Energy/ Enthusiasm/ Motivation/ Growth/ Action/ Spark/ Fun, Setback, Wasted Talent/Potential, Selfishness, Stuck

Usually indicating new beginnings – generally very positive ones, this card is in the realms of accomplishment and often generally related to work or career. Stay at home mums often draw this card too. If you are having a difficult time and draw The Ace of Wands in a reading, know that things are likely to be getting much better very soon!

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Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Portable Magic
Book Details
Portable Magic: He came up with the theory that the Egyptians had concealed their most important mystery wisdom in a book of tarot cards, by transforming the allegorical knowledge of the book into a card game. His understanding of the esoteric meanings of the Tarot trumps was published three years before his death as part of his enormous, but unfinished, Monde pnmitiJ: During the following century, the rest of the work was forgotten by posterity, but Court de Gkbelin’s theories of the Tarot became accepted as fact by many French occultists such as Paul Christian and Eliphas Levi.

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Reversed Cards: Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, or months when you just didn’t feel like doing anything? And nothing in particular could spark your interest in anything? We all have. They come in cycles, those moments when we feel too tired and lack the energy and enthusiasm for just about everything. This, dear one, is the Ace of Wands in retrograde. Some people call it being in a funk, while others often describe this period as having a ‘blah’ moment. It is one of those times when getting fired up about anything seems pointless. My advice is just ride it out. Don’t fight it. You obviously need this downtime. Embrace it and get aboard the funky train known as the Ace of Wands in retrograde.

Tarot Triumphs: On the face of it, the Hermit seems to be one of the simpler images of the Tarot. He is the solitary seeker searching for truth away from the merry-go-round of the world’s affairs, carrying his own light in the form of a lantern. He wears a coarse but practical cloak, which gives him adequate protection from the cold. The cloak is also a symbol of simplicity and poverty; it guards him against robbers, who see that he has nothing worth stealing, and against any malicious accusations of living too well from the charity of others. In his inner, essential form, he represents the truth-seeker, the person who relies on his own judgment, upheld by deep beliefs and not swayed by riches or glamour. He is, in one sense, the male counterpart to the High Priestess. She renounces family life and takes on a spiritual role as an oracle of wisdom; as stated earlier, she is not in this way the counterpart of the Pope, who represents ecclesiastical authority and the upholding of church law. The Hermit is her equivalent, the man who has become singular, who presents himself naked to the inner truth, shielding himself from the outer world and renouncing its politics. He too may offer wise counsel to others.

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Reversed Cards: Sometimes what you need is what you already have. When this card shows up in the protection aspect, the universe may be telling you to dig deeper. It may seem like you need outside assistance, but the truth is you don’t. More to the point, you’re not in the right position to accept. Think of it like this: you want to ask the bank for a loan but you don’t have all your paperwork in order or you still have some outstanding debts that could cause your loan application to be tanked. This means you need to do more work. You have to put yourself in order before asking for more.