50-Ace of Swords Reversed Golden Love Tarot Reading

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Romance, Love Or Relationships:

In terms of love, The reversed Ace can mean that you may fall hard for someone who might be wildly inappropriate for you. There’s nothing wrong with ‘taking a walk on the wild side,’ and there is truth that opposites attract. However, if someone tells you that they are ‘not looking for a commitment,’ or that ‘they are not good at relationships,’ your rational response is to believe them. Again, be cautious.

Card Meanings: Insults, Intellectual Inability, Tyranny, Obstacles, Hostility, Inability To Concentrate, Power, Creative Blocks, Destruction, Confusion, Misinformation, Memory Loss, Arguments, Injustice, Lack Of Assertiveness, Making The Wrong Decision, Lack Of Ideas, Failure, Hate Triumphing Over Love, Frustration, Lack Of Communication

The Ace of Swords can indicate a new beginning of some sort in your life, possibly on several fronts. Sometimes this new beginning can be started by a separation of some kind – from a relationship, or from a job situation. Know that as anxiety-producing as such a new beginning can sometimes be, that underneath it all is good, beneficial energy that is getting you where you want to go.

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Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Elements of the Psychic World
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Elements of the Psychic World: Cayce maintained that we all have psychic ability and that experiences such as dreams and intuition are proof of that. He also believed that if a person had good intentions and love in their heart they would always have a steady supply of psychic power to tap into.

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Reversed Cards: The Ace of Swords in the retrograde aspect asks you to think long and hard about whether or not your current idea or line of thinking has happened before. If so, what happened? Did you take action, and what were the consequences? If this card makes its way into your life via daily draw or in a spread ask yourself, where has this happened before. You may even feel a sense of déjà vu about it, which to be honest is perfectly understandable. Just keep in mind that it is not the same as it was last time it showed up.

Tarot Triumphs: The Fool holds up his mirror to reflect the pattern of the cosmos for this moment in time. Then, as the Fool or diviner, in patterns innocently captured, you can read the imprint of cosmic purpose and events that are coming to pass. The Fool stands for the innocent openness of the diviner, using in this case the Tarot cards as a mirror to reflect the pattern of events.

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Reversed Cards: The Three of Wands is connected to the sun, which we know doesn’t have a retrograde cycle. It does, however, have an eclipse cycle. A solar eclipse happens during a new moon when the sun and the moon are conjunct. This is when the moon moves between the earth and the sun, cutting off the light. New moons deal with new beginnings, as does the cardinal sign of this card, Aries, and this is exactly what we are looking for here in the Three of Wands in retrograde. In the upright position, it seems as if everything were already set as if by fate or intention, but here in the dark anything is possible. It is interesting that it is the absence of light that makes all things possible with this card. You could say that the Three of Wands in retrograde makes you rely on a totally different set of senses or instincts.