59-Ten of Swords – Reversed Thoth Deck

Your Chosen Card – Ten of Swords Reversed Thoth Deck

When reversed, the Ten of Swords suggests that something is preventing you from letting go of negative thoughts. You may be following bad advice or engaging in catastrophic thinking. Perhaps you are clinging to a difficult relationship or a bad situation that has only brought trouble into your life. You feel pinned down, but your worst imaginings do not match the reality of your circumstances. If you have been hurt or betrayed, you can either swim in the cesspool of anger and resentment, or let go of rancor and embrace forgiveness so you can move forward. Sometimes hitting bottom is a blessing in disguise, as it can force you finally to deal with your problems.

Keywords Reversed: hitting bottom, disruption, ruin, destruction, desolation, bad advice, loss, pain, sorrow, tears, wounding, betrayal, affliction, feeling stabbed in the back, failure, unmet goals, thwarted plans, defeat, downfall, disinformation, upset, madness, anguish, panic, anxiety, depression, surgery, legal problems, run-ins with the law, feeling pinned down, fearing there is no way out, catastrophic thinking.

Timing: 20 Gemini–30 Gemini. Tropical, 10 June–20 June. Sidereal, 6 July–15 July.
Astrology: The hot dry Sun in the third decan of airy Gemini, realm of the Queen of Cups (Water of Water) and the Lovers (Gemini).
Number Symbolism: 10 – one too many, the fullness of completion, readiness to begin a new cycle.

Etteilla: Tears, sadness, crying, affliction, grief, lamentation, distress, sorrow, desolation; (R) profit, advantage, gain, winnings, favor, benefit, power, authority, kind deeds.

When Ten of Swords is reversed you can pretty much take it that life is going well but that’s when life takes us by surprise.  If Ten of Swords is unclear it may help to choose a card from the Major Arcana to provide more insight into what it is Ten of Swords is trying to tell you.  If you had a particular issue in  mind, or want to seek clarification on something else, you can also choose again to get more guidance.

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Complete Book of Tarot
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Complete Book of Tarot: In addition to using astrology to understand the cards, the Golden Dawn included the Kabbalah to explain tarot symbolism. The interpretations of the numbered pip cards reflect the meaning of the corresponding number on the Tree of Life. That idea, of connecting the tarot with the Hebrew alphabet and the Kabbalah, can be traced back to Athanasius Kircher, a German Jesuit scholar of encyclopedic interests. Born around 1601, Kircher displayed an early interest in science, medicine, philosophy, and ancient cultures. He learned Hebrew from a rabbi and became fascinated by ancient Egyptian culture, eventually speculating that Egypt was the source of ancient mysteries. Kircher’s adaptation of the Tree of Life is still used by modern ceremonial magicians and tarot practitioners.

Tarot Books

Complete Book of Tarot: When upright, the Ten of Swords indicates that you have reached the end of a period of anguish and suffering and are ready to move on. You have hit bottom and things cannot get any worse. It’s one of those times in your life when you come to understand that you were never promised a rose garden. Circumstances are forcing you to confront a problem that has been brewing for some time, and the only way forward is up. The rising sun in the background implies that there is hope of a solution; you are at the dawn of a new day. Release and liberation from suffering are at hand. Since Swords represent ideas and communications, problems created by misinformation can be resolved at this time.

Complete Book of Tarot: The Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, published in 1909, undoubtedly the most popular deck of the last century. It has been cloned many, many times.

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Complete Book of Tarot: Major arcana count as 12 for cards assigned to signs of the zodiac, 9 for the ones assigned to planets, and 3 for those assigned to the elements.