36 The Guardian Angel Of Health – Reversed

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This angel, holding a basket abundantly filled with the fruits of good health, blesses us with a healthy outlook on life. It oversees the ways we look after our precious health and shows us how we can regain our stamina and positive attitudes after illness.

The Guardian Angel Of Health

Belonging to the REALM: Heaven of Form , The Guardian Angel of Health is in the group known as Guardian Angels.
ANGELIC FUNCTION: To guard and protect your health
GIFTS FOR THE EARTH: This angel can help you to find the energy you need to do the things you like; look after your health better; manage your energy appropriately so as not to exhaust yourself

This is the angel who watches over our well-being. Through the guardianship of this angel we are able to make positive decisions about the way we manage our lives. We can ask for help in leading a healthy and wholesome life-style which supports our well-being and happiness. We can ask for vitality to do all the things we love and to have abundant energy to handle all the tasks demanded of us. This angel not only supports our physical health but encourages us towards spiritual and emotional well-being. True health comes from being balanced in mind, body and spirit, and this angel can guide us towards finding this level of wholeness. It watches over us and protects us from unhealthy influences.

If we wish to improve our health by doing some exercises, eating whole and nourishing food, or having healthy breaks and holidays, then this angel is cheering us on to enjoy ourselves. We are encouraged towards a relaxing life-style, one that supports us in maintaining ease and pleasure as well as creativity and joy.

When we are ill this is the angel who watches over us and blesses our medicines and remedies with love, so as to help us heal and regain our strength and vitality. This angel is always watching out to see that we do not become ill from overdoing things.

We can offer prayers to the Guardian Angel of Health to bless us with good health and offer us healing for any physical, emotional or spiritual pains we may suffer. We ask this angel to bestow vitality and well-being upon us so that we can make the best of the tasks and projects that occupy us.

Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Angel Insights
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Angel Insights : Everyone has guardian angels. They were assigned to you at birth, and they are devoted to protecting you and advocating for you throughout your life. Your guardian angels are a gift from Spirit, but they are a gift you do not have to earn—a gift that will never be taken back. The love and healing energy of your guardian angels is your birthright. This book discusses several different types of angels, but will often reference guardian angels, as those are the angels you will have the most intimate relationships with throughout your life. However, this book can help you create a closer connection to not only your guardian angels but the angel realm as a whole.

Angel Books

Elements of the Psychic World: Prior to the Western Enlightenment, angels were believed by many to play a magical role in daily life. However, after the scientific revolution angels were no longer taken seriously except by poets and the romantically inclined. The mystic Emanuel Swedenborg, among other occult figures, claimed to commune with angels. Swedenborg called the souls of the dead ‘angels’ and said he visited them

Angel Insights : The angels told me that you can get as specific as you want when requesting a helper angel. If you are a singer, one helper angel might be a voice coach, another angel can help you with stage presence, another angel could help you with stage clothes, another angel would help you in choosing songs and arrangements, and still another angel might help with management and bookings. Get the idea?

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Angel Insights : Have you ever had a child enter your life? Perhaps your own child or the child of a family member or close friend. Do you recall how it felt to hold that infant in your arms? To notice how small and delicate it was? To sense the sacred charge that comes with realizing how much this precious little being needs your affection, guidance, and protection? That is how your guardian angels feel about you. Not just when you were a baby, but when you are an adult in your prime, as you mature into the final days of your life, and every stage in between. Your guardian angels’ sense of duty toward you is not a job, but a calling. Like a mother, their calling is a labor of love.