34 The Guardian Angel Of Youth – Reversed

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The Guardian Angel of Youth, whose how and arrows and a slingshot indicate athletic prowess, is full of the vital energy and enthusiasm of the young. The energy of youth is positive and fun-loving, and this angel ensures that these qualities abound throughout the youthful stage of our lives.

The Guardian Angel Of Youth

Belonging to the REALM: Heaven of Form , The Guardian Angel of Youth is in the group known as Guardian Angels.
ANGELIC FUNCTION: To guard and protect all that is youthful in us
GIFTS FOR THE EARTH: This angel can help you to enjoy your youthful spirit; strengthen and protect your vitality; nourish all that is youthful about you.

This angel not only guards and protects young people but also watches over everything that is youthful in all of us. It is to be expected that both people and projects are more fallible in youth. Allowances can be made for this and for curiosity and experimentation. We need a space in our lives in which we do not always have to get things right. This angel gives us the opportunity to feel it is safe to make a mistake. It helps individuals and groups discover the right way of doing things, watching over this process, protecting the vital spirit of enthusiasm at its heart.

The Guardian Angel of Youth gives our youthful spirit permission to be curious and fun-loving, exploring new avenues of growth, expression and development. It encourages creativity and leadership skills and activates youthful enthusiasm. It is this energy which helps us fulfil ourselves in later life.

This angel respects the tenderness of youth and offers respite from the heavy weight of making life decisions and of suffering the consequences if we make mistakes. The light-hearted joyfulness of spirit is what this Guardian Angel nourishes and blesses in us all.

We can offer prayers to The Guardian Angel of Youth to bless us and grant us a constant awareness of what is youthful and fun. We can ask to have our sense of excitement and enthusiasm about new projects revitalized. We can also ask this angel to bless us with the flexibility of youth, so that our spirit stays young and we are able to renew our joy in life more easily. This angel offers us the possibility of trusting in the goodness of life as well. The innocence of youth believes in the good and shares its enthusiasm for what it feels is right. The angel fosters this enthusiasm and supports our sense of fun in life.

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Elements of the Psychic World: One of the most well-known cases in World War I actually occurred in the midst of the conflict itself. The so-called Angels of Mons were thought to have saved retreating French and British soldiers during the battle of Mons, Belgium. According to reports of survivors, the retreating soldiers saw phantom figures on horseback preventing the Germans from slaughtering them all, but sceptics argue that they may have had visions due to intense stress, fear and pain. In World War II, one-seventh of Britain’s casualties came from losses due to bombing raids, and not surprisingly countless hauntings and phantom sounds of aeroplanes and sirens have been reported where bomber pilots made their runs.

Angel Insights : There are countless angels in heaven to aid you, and there are specific helper angels qualified to handle any request you offer up. Some helper angels might only be with you for an afternoon; if, for example, you ask for a helper angel who specializes in fashion and shopping to assist you in picking out the ideal dress. Other helper angels could be with you for decades if the project requires it. For example, you may be a concert pianist who asks for a helper angel who specializes in music and performance. This angel might remain with you throughout your career.

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Angel Insights : Your guardian angels were assigned to you at birth and took sacred vows to protect you and advocate for you throughout your soul’s journey on this planet. The energy of your guardian angels is a maternal energy: devoted, unconditional, protective. I’m not talking about a human maternal energy, but an archetypal one. A maternal energy that is divine and what we would think of as ‘perfect’ or ‘ideal’ or ‘pure.’