32 The Guardian Angel Of Spiritual Growth – Reversed

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This angel blesses us to live in the light of our own Divine Nature. Carrying aloft a candle with the flame of enlightenment, it points us to the lessons of life which lead to the path of the heart, enabling our spirits to be joyful and free.

The Guardian Angel Of Spiritual Growth

Belonging to the REALM: Heaven of Form , The Guardian Angel of Spiritual Growth is in the group known as Guardian Angels.
ANGELIC FUNCTION: To protect our growing spirituality
GIFTS FOR THE EARTH: This angel can help you to allow your spirituality to shine; acknowledge the source of all life; see the light in everyone around you

The primary purpose of our earthly incarnation is our development as spiritual beings. It is this Guardian Angel who guards our spiritual growth throughout life, always defending our souls. This angel blesses all the activities which nurture our spirit’s welfare, which in fact means the things which are loving and respectful to ourselves. It helps us to discover what we need to recognize: the fact that we are loved and cherished. If what our spirit needs is fun then this angel will encourage us to lighten up and perhaps seek the company of a good friend and have an enjoyable time.

This angel guides us to the small pleasures which help us look after our needs and value ourselves. It encourages us to seek ways fitting our means and our outlook which enhance and nourish our being. Its guidance may be as simple as directing us to slow down and take a walk on a sunny afternoon, or have a hot bath with lots of essential oils and a candle. Our spirituality blossoms when we look after ourselves. This angel ensures that we have the opportunity to choose activities and people that will support our spirit in growing and flourishing. It blesses us with love, so that we feel the grace of our soul and allow the sun to shine in our hearts.

We can offer up prayers to The Guardian Angel of Spiritual Growth so that we are guided towards those people and books best able to nurture our spiritual development. We may ask for self-awareness to be able to tune into our own feelings. We may need stillness and peace to hear our inner voice and to know our bean’s desires. We pray that those who teach spiritual truths have an open heart and are compassionate to those who seek guidance and development. We ask this angel to bless the seekers and the masters so we may realize that we are all one with the Source.

This angel teaches us the importance of faith and encourages us to retain our faith in the goodness of life, even when things are in flux and we are filled with uncertainties. It inspires us when we seek ideas and is constantly leading us to the realization that we are aspects of God’s love.

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Angel Insights : Do you ever wish you could get a clear message from your guardian angels? Ask them for advice when you are feeling down, celebrate with them when you’re on top of the world, gain wisdom about life and Spirit from your angels?

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Elements of the Psychic World: Official court astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I, admiralty spy – with the code name 007 – and transcriber of the angelic Enochain alphabet of alchemy and magic, John Dee was one of the most learned and remarkable occultists of his day. It is thought that Shakespeare used him for his model of the magician Prospero in The Tempest.

Angel Insights : There are countless angels in heaven to aid you, and there are specific helper angels qualified to handle any request you offer up. Some helper angels might only be with you for an afternoon; if, for example, you ask for a helper angel who specializes in fashion and shopping to assist you in picking out the ideal dress. Other helper angels could be with you for decades if the project requires it. For example, you may be a concert pianist who asks for a helper angel who specializes in music and performance. This angel might remain with you throughout your career.

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Angel Insights : Your guardian angels were assigned to you at birth and took sacred vows to protect you and advocate for you throughout your soul’s journey on this planet. The energy of your guardian angels is a maternal energy: devoted, unconditional, protective. I’m not talking about a human maternal energy, but an archetypal one. A maternal energy that is divine and what we would think of as ‘perfect’ or ‘ideal’ or ‘pure.’