26 The Enlightener

No matter what god or higher power you believe in, we are all part of a collective consciousness, both in this world and the next. Whether your reading comes from tarot, angels or archetype cards we are delving into that collective consciousness. If you are present with a psychic or clairvoyant who has strong connections, you may be connected to individuals but more likely you will be communicating with part of this universal energy which connects us all. Much of the connection comes through our own energies and this is particularly true of online readings.

Upright Meanings: theft, cheating, strategy, lies, underhanded, adaptable, enemy masquerading as friend, resourceful, cunning, mental manipulation, flexible, courage, insolence, escaping detection, daring, dangerous/risky behaviour, deceit, betrayal, spying, unwise attempt, trickery, getting away with it, sharp wit, scheming, lack of conscience

Reversed Meanings: confessing, turning over new leaf, slander, no backbone, dangerously two-faced, being outsmarted, con artist, malicious, blackmail, running away from consequences, ignoring warnings, coward, getting caught, conscience kicking in, serial cheat, unworkable strategy, stealing credit, helpful, coming clean, advice, counsel, pathological liar

To draw this card means one of 2 things. The first is an upheaval due to the sudden realization of something that everyone else saw that you were blind to, or when we feel the need to help a friend or loved one see something that is holding them back. Enlightenment can also mean finding our way to our higher self. When the card is reversed it shows that we or someone close to us is wearing blinkers and it’s time to remove them.

The angel associated with The Enlightener is The Angel Of Glory

Belonging to the REALM: Heaven of Paradise , The Angel of Glory is in the group known as Thrones.
ANGELIC FUNCTION: To celebrate the glory of the Divine
GIFTS FOR THE EARTH: This angel can help us to celebrate the simple joys of life; acknowledge all the goodness around us; give thanks for all that we are.

The Angel of Glory helps us to celebrate the endless opportunities for goodness and joy that exist in our lives. It teaches us to be thankful for the beauty and simplicity of life. It actually helps us to take the strain and struggle away from our lives by seeing how simple things can be.

This angel tells us that life can be one long celebration if we so choose. It sings praise to the glory of God’s wondrous creation. We can tune into this incantation of beauty and joy any time we wish to open our hearts.

The splendours of life simply unfold before us. Life then becomes a self-reflecting mirror of love when we see it through eyes of gratitude. It also means that we become rooted in the here-and-now reality of life itself.

We can offer up our prayers to The Angel of Glory to include our thanks in its song of praise and joy to the Source of life. With our hearts open we are blessed; the pleasure we receive in saying ‘thank you’ for life is the ultimate acknowledgement of life itself.
The joy of gratitude nourishes our souls and gives us the deepest feeling of grace. Many years ago a very wise man taught me to say: ‘Thank you for all the good things that are happening in my life now.’ The more I said it, the more good things happened in my life. The Angel of Glory helps to raise us above the mundane to a level of celebration about the glory of God and the miracle of creation. To align our energy and awareness with this glory is to be a part of it all. We are each an aspect of the divine principle of creation. It is our own glory which we are celebrating when we open our hearts to the angels. We are reaching the glory of Self and honouring the Divine when we love ourselves.

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Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Angel Insights
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Development for Beginners: iv.  Integrative: in this level, there is a powerful religious enlightenment that a person undergoes wherein he or she confronts a higher power and is dissolved of his or her self.

Angel Books

Complete Book of Tarot: Myths/Archetypes: The Hero. Joan of Arc. The Dragon Slayer. The Satyr. Hercules and the Nemean Lion. David and Goliath. Samson and Delilah. Kundalini.

Angel Insights : Angels can appear in physical form at small moments too. Angels love to inspire you and aid you even with everyday matters. It’s fun for them to show up, assume a human form, and lend a hand when you are stressed or tired or in a jam. That’s why you will occasionally encounter an endearing stranger who seems unrealistically happy to change your tire or pick up your tab—it’s an angel getting joy from doing a good deed. If a stranger appears right when you need them, and is extremely kind and generous, it could very well be an angel in disguise. If you realize later that it was an angel who helped you, the treasured memory can increase your faith and your connection to the angel realm.

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