15 The Angel Of The Essence Of Love – Reversed

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The eye, the symbol for the Heaven of Paradise, casts radiant beams throughout the universe. The lion symbolizes the fire and passion that love can stir in us. This passion is seen throughout creation, which is here symbolized by the moon and stars. The fiery, winged wheels are the symbol of the Seraphim.

The Angel Of The Essence Of Love

Belonging to the REALM: Heaven of Paradise, The Angel of The Essence of Love is in the group known as Seraphim.
ANGELIC FUNCTION: Protecting the essence of love
GIFTS FOR THE EARTH: This angel can help you to realize that at your core you are love; experience love in all things; share the essence of your being with others

The Angel of the Essence of Love helps us to strip off the mask of illusion and see that love is the essence of all life. This angel works to help us unfold from the limited cocoon of our ego and be the magnificent creatures of light we are. When we have penetrated the illusions of personality and the destructive nature of negativity we realize that what we are, at our core, is a fountain of love.

This love lives at the centre of every living cell in our bodies, and in the heart of all living things. The consciousness of which we are made permeates all other living substance too. Our own sweet essence is the same as the universal essence of love which unites us and bonds us intimately with the Source.

We can offer prayers to The Angel of the Essence of Love to help us recognize the essence which lies at the heart of our being. When we choose to identify with this essence we are coming from our Higher Self, which is an aspect of the Divine, rather than from that other self of the small, individual ego. We seek assistance to help us detach ourselves from the illusions of our being and to find the undying reality that we are one with the Source and with all life. We pray to be able to connect with that oneness and remember the eternal and unconditional nature of that love.

As we open our hearts to the love within us, we find that the essence of love is the basic and fundamental substance of life. Without it nothing could grow or flourish, and life would cease to exist. The Angel of the Essence of Love carefully guards this substance within each of us. When we choose to live from this space we are given untold treasures in the shape of experiences which acknowledge to us that love is who we are.

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Angel Encyclopedia: Fourth hour of the night: The ‘holy, holy, holy’ praise of the seraphim. Adam comments that once he heard the beat of their wings to the sound of their triple praise, but after his fall, heard them no more.

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Elements of the Psychic World: From the Sanskrit meaning ‘shining’, in Hinduism and Buddhism devas are believed to be exalted beings with great powers. In Theosophy and occult traditions they are a class of beings midway between angels and elemental spirits, having special authority over the world of nature. In modern times devas are popularly thought to be nature spirits, in charge of the elemental spirits of air, water, fire and earth. They are invisible and etheric in nature, inhabiting the astral plane. They communicate with people by psychic means, such a s channelling and ESP. It is thought that the channelled wisdom of devas was responsible for the location of the Findhorn community in Scotland.

Angel Insights : Using your guardian angels’ names might help you stay more connected to them, or make your guardian angels seem more ‘real’ to you. Asking for help or guidance for a family member by addressing your loved one’s guardian angels by name can also make you feel more empowered and connected to the angel realm.

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Angel Insights : First, I want to share with you how excited the angels are about this book. Angels love books about angels! As I’ve been working on this book, the angels have sent me strong messages and made their presence often known. Your own guardian angels are thrilled that you picked up this book. They know it means you want to have a closer relationship with them and learn how to better communicate with angels in general.