Work Tarot Readings (Thoth Tarot Deck,Disks)

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Career, Work Or Retirement

Consulting the tarot can be just the thing you need to get valuable, unbiased guidance on work or retirement related matters. If you want to know whether you will be successful in your career, then there are 10 card of the 78 that bode very well for your career and many more that give guidance on career, work and retirement. A work or career reading is useful for finding which steps you can take to find the right career for you, seeing ways to create a harmonious work-life balance, seeking guidance on the next steps you need to take. Aces in a career reading indicate new beginnings.

You’ve no doubt heard the saying, “A bad workman blames his own tools.” Well the “tools” being blamed could be a host of things. It could be people, such as our work colleagues that are to blame for things not going right, for the situation we find ourselves in. It could be the company we work for, or our inabilty to find work or advance in our career. This is where a work or career tarot reading can help.

Timing: When looking for time sensitive answers, Disks generally means very slow, meaning months or even years.



The magnificent Thoth Tarot Deck contains the Kabbalistic and astrological attributions described in Aleister Crowleys Book Of Thoth. It is known for its striking beauty, as well as its depiction of an understanding of the occult that was gathered over a lifetime of study. In 1773 Antoine Court de Gébelin claimed that Egyptian priests coded the Book of Thoth into the images of the tarot.

If a Disks card appears in you reading, heres what you need to know:

The Suit of Disks covers material aspects of life including work, business, trade, property, money and other material possessions. The positive aspects of the Suit of Disks include manifestation, realisation, proof and prosperity. Disks deal with the physical or external level of consciousness and thus mirror the outer situations of your health, finances, work, and creativity. They have to do with what we make of our outer surroundings – how we create it, shape it, transform it and grow it. On a more esoteric level, Disks are associated with the ego, self-esteem and self-image. The negative aspects of the Suit of Disks include being possessive, greedy, overly materialistic, over-indulging and not exercising, not effectively managing, finances, being overly focused on career

Practicalities, work, home, fertility,family, prosperity,education, manifestation, business.

Timing: When looking for time sensitive answers, Disks generally means very slow, meaning months or even years.

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Complete Book of Tarot
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Complete Book of Tarot: Throughout history, any sort of random occurrence served as a ready vehicle for divining the future, including the pattern of stars in the sky, the appearance of clouds, the arrangement of tea leaves in a cup, the entrails of dead animals, and so on. By the early 1700s, the card readers of northern Italy developed a system for divining with playing cards, and around 1750 the French cartomancer Etteilla noted that he learned to tell fortunes by means of playing cards from three cartomancers, one of whom hailed from northern Italy’s Piedmont region. Etteilla’s publications spurred a contagious interest in the use of tarot for fortune-telling throughout Europe, an interest that has continued to modern times.

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Portable Magic: The form of the evoked elemental, and how clearly you are able to perceive the spirit on the astral level, depends on how well you understand the nature of the number card from which it is summoned, and how open your mind is to psychic impressions. It is best not to start with a detailed concept of the appearance of the spirit. The first time you summon a particular elemental you will know in advance its gender and title, and will have some preconception of its overall appearance, and perhaps a few details such as hair and eye color, but you should allow the rest of its form and personality to take shape as you continue to work with the spirit.

Portable Magic: There is one more thing to determine the location for the triangle of realization. This requires some thought. Should it be placed in the north, the direction of elemental Earth, to represent the concrete realization of Mary’s purpose? Or should it be located in the south, on elemental Fire, to express the force of her will fulfilled? It might even be located in the east, on elemental Air, since the work involves intellectual activity, and Air is the element of the intellect. Or in the west, on elemental Water, since that is the element of desire and the ritual involves an achievement she desires strongly. Mary decides to put the triangle in the south, the direction of Fire and the will, as the accompanying diagram shows.

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Portable Magic: The triangle, and its three-dimensional counterpart the pyramid, have a long history in Western occultism as symbolic tools for actualizing what exists only in a potential form. The triangle does this by virtue of its shape two sides diverge and expand from a single point down to a base. What exists only in potential is drawn through the gateway of the expanded point at the apex, represented graphically by the expanding sides of the triangle. When it reaches the solid and stable base, it becomes real. The same mechanism works in the opposite way just as effectively. What exists within the triangle can be made to diminish upward toward the apex and vanish through the gateway of the point from the manifest world to the unmanliest world.