51-Two of Swords Reversed Golden Finance Tarot Reading

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Finance, Money Matters Or Debt:

In terms of finances, The reversed Two of Swords shows that things are not clear. Even trusted advisors may be mistaken about the best financial moves to make now. Take your time, and be suspicious of any new financial schemes. Keep your money safe, and triple check any documents that must be filed now.

Card Meanings: Emotional Coldness, Release, Indecision, Information Overload, Overly Cautious, Mental Turmoil, Lies Being Exposed, Seeing The Truth, Postponements, Delays, Holding Onto Anxiety Or Resentment, Unscrupulous, Overwhelming Fears/Worry/ Anxiety/ Stress, Emotional Detachment, Emotional Turmoil

The Two of Swords is often a card about partnership and balance. It usually refers to a ‘partnership’ with just one other person as opposed to with groups of people. This card shows a need for give and take (none of us are always right 100% of the time, and everyone to some degree has something to offer.) Consider to what degree your life, and your partnerships, are in balance.

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Reversed Cards: Have you ever made a nice chunk of money only to see it all flow straight back out the door to pay bills? It slipped through your fingers before you even got to enjoy it. This is the Page of Pentacles in retrograde. You never quite get to enjoy what you have created through hard work, be it a drop in weight by sticking to your diet or maybe just seeing your bank account with actual money in it. The good news is that, like all retrograde cycles, this won’t last. Just hang in there, because eventually you and the page will get a handle on this new gift you have been given.

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Tarot Beginners Guide: • What does the two of swords indicate? Is there likely to be any change when this card appears?

Tarot Triumphs: Since the start of this book, we’ve built up a sound working acquaintance with the Tarot. I’ve invited you to make a more profound engagement with the individual cards; you’ve considered the themes of order and pattern, and the benefits of taking a flexible view on these; and you’ve learned a few layouts for divination. Now it’s time to open up the divination practice fully with the Fool’s Mirror layout, which uses a complete spread of all twenty-two cards. In this chapter, the focus is on constructing and interpreting the Fool’s Mirror spread. In chapter eight, we will move on to the more far-reaching considerations of giving a reading. Finally, chapter nine is devoted to creative ways of working with Tarot and exploring its symbolism further.

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Reversed Cards: I like to think of the Ten of Swords in the shadow aspect as the ‘death of the ego’ card, the end of the constant chatter of the monkey mind as one is finally liberated into a more enlightened state. This, however, can be scary. Who are we when the ego-self is no longer in charge of telling us who we are? If this card has come up in a reading, it is time to think about how much the ego has defined who you are and what you have become. Perhaps even do some journal work about the you that could be created once the ego stops labeling you and making you fit into an uncomfortable box.