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Romance, Love Or Relationships:

If you are in the market for a new romance, this is a time when you are likely to meet someone new. Right now someone out there somewhere is looking for you just as you are looking for them. Whether they find you or not will depend on you. Don’t sit at home expecting Mr/Miss Right to walk up your garden path and knock on the door because they probably won’t. You need to be out there making yourself available to be found and this is an excellent time to do just that. Get out there and meet people. If you’re in a long-term relationship already then the relationship will very likely rise to new and deeper levels of commitment and enjoyment. Even if nothing very concrete seems to have changed when you think about it objectively your perception of it will.

Card Meanings: Willpower, Creativity, Intellect, Self-Confidence, Influence, Sleight Of Hand, Power, Logic, Resourcefulness, Ability, Skill, Will-Power, Dexterity

The Mage is about making higher and better use of all of one’s power. Spiritual, emotional, and otherwise. This is another card that often signifies new beginnings and great expectations. This is a very powerful, positive omen in a reading. This card reminds us that we have the power to make a difference, in our lives and in the greater world, if we simply make a point to try. You should note that this is not magic in the sense that you need to do spell-work or anything of that nature. It’s also not ‘magic’ like a stage illusionist performs, which is the somewhat superficial appearance of wondrous feats. This is actual transformation of the literal and figurative world in normal ways. You are not going to have it all handed to you on a plate, but you have the potential to have that plate and a lot of what’s on it if you do the magic yourself. The Mage is all about action. If you do nothing you’ll get nothing. If you don’t know what to do then just do something because anything is better than nothing. In other words if you don’t try you won’t get.

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Development for Beginners
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Development for Beginners: Scorpios tend to possess traits that cause them to be either very much loved or very much disliked by their peers. Scorpios are highly determined, firm, and proud. They have strong inclinations towards secretive and suspicious behavior, which can cause them to be distrustful at times.

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Portable Magic: After the altar has been prepared, the significator representing the magician is placed upon it. During this placement, the point of view of the magician should be transferred into the significator, so that he or she seems to stand with arms spread wide and facing the east upon an elevated dais in the shape of a cross. Each arm of this dais should be imagined to have a rug laid on its surface, each rug bearing the colourful and finely detailed image of an Ace.

Tarot Triumphs: Fortune, or Luck, is part of our human lot. ‘Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose; the Wheel of Fortune turns’ could be the motto for Lady Fortuna as she turns her handle. Both querent and reader need to accept that we all undergo fluctuations in this respect. However, we can perhaps help Fortune along a little sometimes; accentuating the positive can generate a mood of well-being that in turn may encourage a querent to embrace good fortune rather than ignoring its possibility. My Tarot teacher Glyn often bid us farewell by saying, ‘Be lucky!’

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Elements of the Psychic World: Edouard Buguet was a famous spirit photographer during the 1860s and 1870s until he was exposed as a fraud in 1875. Buguet’s photographs were remarkably clear, unlike the misty pictures from other contemporary spirit photos of the era. The French photographer went to extraordinary lengths to impose ghostly images upon his photos, using live models at first but later switching to sculpted heads when he began to fear being exposed.