06-The Lovers Reversed Rider Waite Love Tarot Reading

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Romance, Love Or Relationships:

Even in reversal this card is an excellent omen for your love life in coming days. The reversal in this context simply slightly weakens the overall very positive energies for love coming for you, and it may indicate a slight delay in how soon you will be feeling much better about your love life in general. Still, think positively. This is a great time to get out and meet people.

Card Meanings: Imbalance, Conflict, Disconnection, Disunion, Trust Issues, Fickleness, Disharmony, Separation, Lack Of Accountability, Untrustworthy, Unreliability, Frustration

This is a lovely card, concerned with the harmonisation of opposites at all levels of being. At the highest level, the Lovers represents the marriage of the Emperor and the Empress – the archetypal union of male and female. Of course, one of the areas that this card therefore covers is that of emotional relationships. We’ve discussed often how, for love to grow and create change, it must be allowed to flow unhindered and free. If this is stopped, then love, like the water used symbolically to represent it so often, becomes stagnant and fetid. So, on a day ruled by the Lovers, consider your partner, if you have one. Have you expressed to them everything you need to say? Have you offered them emotional honesty and genuine access to the feelings you have for them? If not, then today – try it!!

If you are in a period where you do not have a partner, see yourself as your own partner. This is more true than you might at first think! Our relationships with others are often reflections of our own inner struggles to realise and fulfil our needs. Ask yourself the same questions – have you been emotionally honest with yourself? Have you achieved genuine access to positive feelings about yourself? If not, then open up those doors and let yourself really see who you are. You might just get a pleasant surprise. And after all – if you don’t like it at all, you can always move on tomorrow!! This card can also represent your personal beliefs because to make such a decision you must know where you stand. Following your own path can mean going against those who are urging you in a direction that is wrong for you.

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Portable Magic
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Portable Magic: The suit of Cups is best used to attract love, to gain a friendship, to ensure a good marriage, to succeed in a social affair, to be accepted into a group, to achieve prophetic dreams or visions, to increase charm and grace, to bewitch, to ensnare the heart of another. In general for any purpose involving empathy or the emotions.

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Angel Encyclopedia: In The Familiar of the Mystical Lovers (Mu’nis al’Ushshaq) Suhrawardi dramatizes three beings proceeding from the meditation of the First Archangel (Bahman, the Intelligence) bearing the names Joseph, Zulaykha, and Jacob, and representing respectively Beauty, Love, and Sadness reflecting upon his being. Sadness (Jacob) corresponds to the heaven whose subtle matter ‘materializes’ the thought of a nonbeing; it measures the zone of shadow, the distance that always intrudes between Love and Beauty to which it aspires. At the same time, Sadness is the instrument that allows the Soul, by the roundabout way of a long pilgrimage, to approach Beauty.

Tarot Triumphs: 5 I do of course respect the right of other authors to draw their own conclusions about the importance of Tarot numbers (for example, acclaimed Tarot specialist Rachel Pollack in Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom: A Book of Tarot [San Francisco: Weiser Books, 1997]). However, I’d also suggest that developing full meanings for the seventy-eight cards is more profitable with a complete pictorial pack, such as the Rider-Waite pack, which she has used here.

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Tarot for Beginners: The Lovers card read reversed could indicate a misalignment of values, or disharmony in an area of life related to relationship with others or with self. Commitment issues and/or break-ups may be indicated, especially if one partner would rather pull away than work through difficulties. Whatever comes of the choice made by you or someone you care about, it will ultimately be for the good.