73-Ten of Pattern Reversed Mage Health Tarot Reading

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Well-Being, Physical Health Or Mental Health:

In general your health should be good when this card appears and/or will be on the upswing, but again, don’t take it for granted. Foolish risks can be a likelihood when this card appears. Know how deep the water is before diving in headfirst; don’t eat foods you know you’re allergic to – things of that nature.

Card Meanings: Misfortune, Unconventional, Instability, Marrying For Money, Fighting Over Money, Financial Disaster, Collapse Of An Empire, Rocky Foundations, Unexpected Changes, Faking Wealth/Affluence, Losing Everything, Domestic Disputes, Disputed Inheritance/ Being Excluded From/Not Leaving A Will, Breaking Traditions, Huge Losses/Debts, Divorce, Dull, “New Money”, Bankruptcy, Family Feuds/ Burdens/ Neglect, Slothfulness, Money Laundering, Illegal Activity

The Ten of Pattern is a very positive omen. It can mean that your material wishes will be met perhaps to a degree that you would not have thought possible, and that in general, things will be going exceedingly well for you. Security in all forms is at a high ebb.

This reading is part of a health tarot reading using the The Ten of Pattern using cards from the with the Mage Tarot Deck. You will find many more tarot pages that will be of great help if you need tarot card meanings. Use the search at the bottom of the page. We have some amazing tarot books for you to browse. Please see below.

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Angel Insights
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Angel Insights : The energy and emotions of others don’t just affect your own energy or mood—there are also physical consequences. The angels are showing me that just like getting punched in the stomach, negative or overpowering energy that you encounter can have an adverse effect on your body and your health. Remember, the energy and emotions of others that can overpower us doesn’t always have to be negative. Intense joy, excitement, or focused determination can also make our hearts beat too fast or fry our nervous systems.

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Reversed Cards: The Strength card is one of the three virtue cards in the major arcana. In its upright position, it teaches the lesson of fortitude by showing us the many ways strength can be played out in our physical experience. It can speak of inner strength, confidence, will, and resolve. Yet it is in the reversed position of this card that I find the deeper lessons. For if in its upright position it represents fortitude, then in its upside-down state it can represent non-fortitude. A Buddhist teaching, the idea of non-fortitude is not one we consider very often, which is why I think we have a lot to learn from the upside-down, topsy-turvy nature of the Strength card. Adding to the story this card tells is its number, the eight. The eight speaks of a continuum, a constant flow and abundance. In numerology eights offer great lessons on money and physical resources. The energy of the eight mixed with the virtue of fortitude embodies the stoic idea that ‘the obstacle is the way,’ meaning that we don’t really know how resilient or strong we are until we are tested to move outside our comfort zone.

Tarot Triumphs: Keep your pack of Marseilles or traditional Tarot cards at hand, if you have them, to refresh your memory of each image. If you don’t yet have these, and are new to Tarot, then you can look ahead to the main illustrations of the Tarot Trumps in this book first, and quickly acquaint yourself with the sight of them. Or you could even just allow the words to paint the pictures for you, with no external reference at this stage. No matter how familiar you are with Tarot, it helps to renew the link between Tarot and the imagination in this way so that the images stay alive in your mind. Seeing them here as life-size, active figures will paint the picture afresh. There is always further to go in understanding the Tarot symbols.

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Tarot for Beginners: There are ‘traditional’ decks like the Waite-Smith, with detailed scenes that are central to the interpretation of the cards, or the Tarot of Marseille, where the illustrations for the Minor Arcana are abstract. Many of the contemporary decks are based on one of these two.