42-Seven of Primordialism Reversed Mage Family Tarot Reading

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Family, Friends & Relationships:

In general The reversed Seven of Primordialism says that you are making the choices that need to be made and are moving toward concrete and important action. Trust your gut; you’ve probably already realized that you have to start somewhere. Do so, and you will thrive.

Card Meanings: Determination, Will-Power, Clarity, Missed Opportunities, Poor Choices, Avoiding Issues, Lack Of Spiritual Growth, Sobriety, Reality Check, Opportunities Or Options, Lack Of Choice, Reality, Decisiveness, Feeling Trapped

The Seven of Primordialism is a card about choices. It often indicates confusion and can even also point to disorganization and too much going on.

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Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Elements of the Psychic World
Book Details
Elements of the Psychic World: The bone used in the divination was typically the right shoulder blade of a slaughtered sheep, as opposed to an animal that had died from disease or been killed by wild animals. To begin with, the shoulder blade must be cleaned of meat and washed in clean water. The diviner then fumigates it with juniper and holds it up with his or her right hand to be reflected in a mirror. Next, he or she invokes the deities, requesting them to give a clear answer. The shoulder blade is then burned in a smokeless fire. During the burning, if the shoulder blade makes a rattling sound it means evil spirits are haunting the house. Accompanying clucking sounds indicate that they are causing harm and discord in the family. The spine of the shoulder blade falling away very quickly indicates that the above troubles could be dispelled with appropriate rituals. The shoulder blade would then be divided into different areas to enable the diviner to make more detailed predictions.

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Reversed Cards: The weighty energy of the Queen of Pentacles is no stranger to stillness. Quiet moments lost in meditation are normal to this queen of the earth, for they keep her connected to the rhythm and cycle of the planet. This stillness is the energy you will need now that this card is in the retrograde aspect. This is not the time to create or manifest but instead to stop and reconnect to the heartbeat of mother Gaia. She has blessed you, and now it is time for you to stand still and honor her kindness.

Tarot Triumphs: Unfortunately, these packs in popular use would naturally tend to wear out, or be lost or discarded, so there are very few packs or even single cards left in existence. Tarot historian Michael Dummett suggests that only three decks have survived out of at least one million Tarot packs in circulation in France in the seventeenth century.8 This is still enough, however, to see how the prime twenty-two Trump version of the Tarot was shaping up in France and other countries, and for contemporary scholars to distinguish two or three main variants within that evolution. However, our knowledge of the development and circulation of Tarot is still patchy and open to speculation. The story is not over yet, and there is plenty of scope for keen researchers to dig further into its history.

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Creative Tarot: You can be an atheist and use the tarot. You can be a Christian and use the tarot. There is a long history of writing about chance and synchronicity that has nothing to do with the gods meddling in our realm. (I bet that made you uncomfortable, didn’t it?) You get out of the tarot what you put in. It is merely a tool that works on an intuitive, rather than logical, level. No gods required.