Past Life Regression

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Past Life Reading

Please be aware that past life regression is NOT the same as a past life reading, nor should you expect a past life reading that costs a few $ to be similar to that costing much more.  There are many methods of finding information about past lives eg charted readings, which is what is offered on this website, full past life regression using hypnotherapy such as you will find offered by Haydn Clarke of Mind-2-Mind, a fully qualified hypnotherapist as well as an international clairvoyant medium,  full clairvoyant readings which aim to connect to past lives (you may contact Stephanie Robinson for this) and, of course, a whole variety of meditations including guided meditations, to allow you to regress yourself into past lives.

No subject arouses curiosity in beginners as past life regression. They always want to know  ” have I ever lived before and if so, how many times?”

It is amazing how many times people have been Napoleon! And I have met Joan of Ark more times than I can remember. Don’t be misguided by phoney psychic that will take your hard earned money and feed you what they think you want to hear.  The minute some-one tells you, you were Cleopatra and Henry the 8th, walk away!

I will give you a couple of suggestion for you to regress into a past life using meditation.  Your will also find some past life regression resources at the bottom of this page. Although these are both regression meditations, they are specifically geared to past life regressions.

Begin as you would for any other  meditation, stilling the mind and relaxing. When you are ready ask your spirit guides to you and take you back in time to a past life.  You may like to suggest that it is a past life that is important to you in this lifetime.

Past Life Regression - Past Life HealingNow, feeling them guiding you through your regression, visualize yourself leaving your current location, out through the door.

As you so, you may immediately find yourself in a past life. Or you may go through the door and find yourself in a hallway or on a path that leads to another door. When you go to the end of the hallway or path and through the door, you will find yourself in the past lifetime.

You may life to consider past life regression as a Healing Journey.

Past Life Regression - river of life meditation

In the second regression meditation, you may find yourself walking beside a river, walking upstream. If you look carefully, you can see people and events taking place in the river. This is the River of Life. Allow the river of life to unfold you into your past life.

Important:  At no time do you have to wait for your guides to bring you back, you can come back on your own whenever you feel like it.

You will find links on this page to the River of Life and the Healing Journey.  These CD’s are not specifically for past life regression although they may be used for this.  I shortly hope to complete a CD specifically for past life regression so please check back.

These CD’s are priced for postage to the  UK  so please don’t use the Pay Now buttons as postage to other countries will differ, (eg add £1 for USA making £6 in total).  Email me.

Past life Regression Resources

Self Guided Past Life Regression Want to Take a Safe Journey Through Time into Healing Your Past Lives? Try out this powerful, FREE technique to Regress yourself on your own at home!