49-King of Cups Reversed Golden Health Tarot Reading

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Well-Being, Physical Health Or Mental Health:

With regard to health questions, particularly if you are under a doctors’ care, The reversed King of Cups reminds us to trust that the healers in our lives are there for a reason. Be cautious (and then some) when it comes to ‘alternative healing’ for serious conditions, if you have a diagnosis of one. (If not, this card does not mean that such a diagnosis is forthcoming.) Treat your body with care and compassion. Learn as much as you can about supporting health and treatment options.

Card Meanings: Conman, Overly Emotional, Gullible, Rape, Unkind, Cheater, Crafty, Violent, Violence, Repressed, Blocked Creativity, Cold, Depressed, Overwhelmed, Anxious, Affair With Married Man, Scandal, Uncaring, Unbalanced, Withdrawn, Controlling, Manipulation, Double-Dealer, Deviance, Emotionally Immature Male, Moody

The King of Cups speaks of balanced male and feminine energy; he holds all the positive qualities of both masculine and feminine. Often he indicates a literal man in your life. Usually, when he represents a live person’, he’s referring to a very kind and loving man, who will generally have hair on the lighter end of the spectrum. Know that you are supported by the universe, in ways seen and unseen, when he appears.

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Elements of the Psychic World
Book Details
Elements of the Psychic World: There are numerous yoga disciplines but the Sutras mention four distinctive paths that are the most important: kundalini, mantra, hatha and raja. Over time all these paths have led to offshoots but hatha yoga, which focuses on physical routines of the body over the development of the mind, is without doubt the most popular in the West. People of all ages and levels of fitness and experience now practise yoga. Benefits are thought to include stress reduction, relaxation, increased flexibility improved blood and breath circulation, better concentration and overall improvements in self-confidence, health and well-being.

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Portable Magic: She concentrates her mind strongly on the person represented by the King of Cups on the altar to fill her imagination with his identity. Mentally she voices the name of the editor, and extends her mind to feel a link with that person. She is aware of the circle fully charged with the energy of her purpose.

Tarot Triumphs: For her imperial role, she has all the trappings: a throne, a shield, and a scepter. She forms the counterpart of the Emperor, each fulfilling a different but complementary function in the game of human conquest and the establishment of social order. Therefore, the Empress in Tarot interpretation is first and foremost a woman of power, with the right to punish or reward. She can represent the boss, the team leader, or a dominant female relative, for instance. But her femininity is never totally eclipsed by her official role, and she is also a symbol of the need to mate and marry, and to raise children in a structured situation. She is a reminder that love has consequences, and that power must be exercised responsibly. In a reading, the card may point to some kind of concealment in a situation, or a strong front that hides something fragile or vulnerable.

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Reversed Cards: This card has links to the Hierophant, meaning that each time we see it during a retrograde cycle it has a deeper lesson for us, more than likely one about our level of attachment to the material world, which in turn brings suffering. The Five of Pentacles in the retrograde aspect gives you the opportunity to count your blessings, to see the earthly plane for what it is—temporary—and to learn that all suffering is caused by attachment. These lessons are hard, but then again so is this card.