20-Karma Reversed Salem Family Tarot Reading

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Family, Friends & Relationships:

In general, Karma reversed tells you to look carefully at how you are making decisions and judgments. If you are the one tending to jump to conclusions, you can, and should, change this. If others are making these kinds of decisions about you or about someone you care for, there is really very little you can do, apart from realizing that its their problem, not yours. Sometimes even judgments which look at first to be completely unfair, actually work out to be for your highest good. Control what you can and ignore the rest.

Card Meanings: Indecisiveness, Unfair Blame, Indecision, Malicious Gossip, Lack Of Self-Awareness, Failure, Death, Worry, Theft, Ill-Health, Unwillingness To Learn Karmic Lessons, Self-Doubt, Disappointment

Karma can be a card about jumping to conclusions, decisions and of course, judgments, which are too hastily made. If you are prone to such things, this is a clear signal to slow down and give things more thought and to give people ‘more chances.’ This can also be a time of fundamental spiritual awakening.

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Tarot Triumphs: How can we generate this ‘gazing’ in a reading? You will need to experiment a little to find out what works best for you. I have a naturally analytical mind that pounces on points of interest, so the best approach for me personally, and probably for most people, is to study the reading in its component parts first. Then I allow myself to sink back into a more restful state for a few minutes, gazing at the entire layout and letting the sense of it develop. I aim to allow it to come into my consciousness as a whole, as an integrated pattern. This means that reading the Fool’s Mirror layout does take longer than interpreting a simpler layout with selected cards, such as the basic Celtic Cross formation. I usually warn the querent that I may be silent for a while, and that this is nothing for them to be anxious about. But you may find that you prefer to gaze at the spread soon after it is laid out and then go into a more specific interpretation afterward.

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Elements of the Psychic World: Magic, good or evil, is universal, with no ethnic or racial association, and it is unfortunate that not just in Western civilization but many cultures around the world, good and evil have for centuries been denoted as white and black. White often designates healing, truth, purity, light and positive energy, while black is darkness, falsehood, evil and negative energy.

Elements of the Psychic World: Ancient Slavic term for an invisible female ghost that is said to attach herself to certain households. If treated with respect the kikimora will protect the family from misfortune and occasionally assist in housework by tidying up and cleaning. It is sometimes said that the kikimora is the ghost of an ugly woman who died in a swamp but, because the Slavs lived all over Eastern Europe with lots of different languages and beliefs, the origins of this legend remain a mystery.

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