Finance Tarot Readings (Mage Tarot Deck,Dynamism)

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Finance, Money Matters Or Debt

Next to love,money is the second most popular tarot reading. Financial security is pretty vital for peace of mind. When finance becomes uncertain, it can cause incredible worry and stress. While a finance tarot reading cannot guarantee lottery winnings or wealth, there are cards in every tarot deck that can give important guidance about your finances. The suit of Pentacles (Disks/Coins) applies specifically to money matter, abundance, and prosperity. Some card combinations point to financial issues that could present challenges and others that suggest money is on the way.

When it comes to money and finance, the outcomes you are choosing need to be both achievable and recognisable when you receive them. In other words, you need to be able to gauge an outcome, to say it has happened, is complete. So, wanting a better salary is an objective and easy to recognise when it arrives. It is easier than say, wanting a “winning the lottery”. Some these wishes are too general to be easily recognised. Bbreak it into something achievable and recognisable. If it’s money you want then state the amount clearly. Use your Finance/Money Reading to guide you.

Timing: When looking for time sensitive answers, Dynamism generally means moderately fast, often a matter of days to weeks.



    With deep rich colors, the overall look is dark at times, as the deck was originally set in a ‘ World of Darkness’. The Mage Tarot is a deck of destiny. Within its 78 cards lies a Path from sleep to Awakening. It symbols are the signposts which mark the journey of the soul through the World of Darkness into a realm of greater possibilities.

    If a Dynamism card appears in you reading, heres what you need to know:

    The Suit of Dynamism is associated with action, change, force, power, oppression, ambition, courage and conflict. Action can be both constructive and/or destructive, sometimes resulting in violence. This suit can also mean hatred, battle, and enemies, and of all the suits, this one is considered to be the most powerful and dangerous. The Suit of Dynamism deals with the mental level of consciousness that is centred around the mind and the intellect. Dynamism mirrors the quality of mind present in your thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs. Double-edged the Suit of Dynamism symbolises the fine balance between intellect and power and how these two elements can be used for good or evil. Dynamism must be balanced by the other suits spirit and feeling. The negative aspects ofDynamism(i.e. when the cards appear reversed) include anger, guilt, harsh judgement, a lack of compassion and verbal and mental abuse.

    Ideas, communication, mental dexterity, mental challenges, talking, writing, truths/untruths.

    Timing: When looking for time sensitive answers, Dynamism generally means moderately fast, often a matter of days to weeks.

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    Elements of the Psychic World: The huge popularity of mediumship prompted hundreds of women to hold tea party séances with their friends. For the majority the diversion was all they sought but some became professional mediums charging fees for private séances or performing in public. Cora Richmond became an international sensation with her instant trance lectures on a random topic selected by a jury. Despite the fame and notoriety, however, mediumship seldom led to riches, unless, as was the case with D D Home, a medium attracted wealthy patronage. Female mediums frequently complained about low incomes. In America the typical medium earned $5 for a séance away from home and $1 per hour at home. There was also the issue of becoming social outcasts. Even though mediums enjoyed the admiration of their clients, many women who practised mediumship were cast out by friends and family.

    Elements of the Psychic World: The phantom’s appearance was thought to herald misfortune for the family, and Byron claimed to see the ‘goblin friar’ again shortly before his ill-fated marriage to heiress Anne Milbanke in 1815. He described it as:

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