27 The Angel Of Trust – Reversed

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The Angel of Trust is represented holding the stole, which it uses as a blindfold. When we are blindfolded we have to trust in ourselves and in God, knowing that we are protected by this guardian angel, whose hands reach out to us across the gulf of time and worldly matters to offer goodness freely.

The Angel Of Trust

Belonging to the REALM: Heaven of Creation, The Angel of Trust is in the group known as Virtues.
ANGELIC FUNCTION: To open our hearts and minds to trusting in the goodness of life
GIFTS FOR THE EARTH: This angel can help us to learn lo trust ourselves: learn to trust in life itself and all it has to offer us; learn in trust other people

The Angel of Trust works with our Higher Self to help us express and develop a trusting attitude towards life. This trust can manifest itself when we are caught on the fence, torn between being negative, cynical or destructive and wishing to be positive and believe that our highest good and greatest joy are being fulfilled.

This angel offers us the essential love of spirit we need in order to trust and be truly life-affirming. Trust can make all the difference in the qualitative experiences of our life. To be able to trust is an essential ingredient of happiness and ease, otherwise our energy will be tied up with suspicion, doubt and fear. Trust gives us the courage to move forward or take risks that we would not be able to take if we lacked this one component vital to growth and spirituality.

The Angel of Trust helps each one of us to value our experiences and trust our perceptions. Only through listening to our inner wisdom can we develop the quality of trust which we so vitally need in order to progress through life. When we learn to trust in the goodness of life we have a more joyful time and more worthwhile contacts with others.

Odd though it may sound, trust reflects itself in all our choices, from the relationships we form, to the jobs and careers we pick, right through to the type of clothes we wear. When we are lacking in trust we will always be carrying an umbrella and choosing the safest, least challenging way of doing something, fearful of hurt or of doing it wrong. It is only when we dare to take risks, to stand up for what we feel and to trust in our inner sense of right and wrong that we eventually develop a sense of mastery about life.
We can offer prayers to this angel to help us trust our inner sense of knowing. We can ask for trust in one another so that we can feel safe expressing our love and care for one another. This angel wants our life experiences to be healthy and nourishing. Nothing is more undermining to our spirits than cunning or betrayal.

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Elements of the Psychic World: Mary Lurancy Vennum, a neighbour but stranger to the Roffs, was three-months old when Roff died. Thirteen years later, in 1877, she appeared to go mad. She experienced visions of angels and spirits of the dead and her physician, Dr E W Stevens, diagnosed spirit attachment/obsession when Vennum revealed under hypnosis that she felt controlled by evil spirits.

Angel Insights : Besides guardian angels, each human also has access to an endless amount of helper angels. Unlike guardian angels who stay with you throughout your life, helper angels usually come and go. They appear when a need arises, and then fly away when their job is finished.

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Angel Insights : Angels are Spirit’s helpers, Spirit’s right-hand entities. Think of Spirit as a conductor, and angels are musicians in a divine orchestra. Every musician has a unique part to play, and the part of each guardian angel is crucial, enormous: to guide and protect a single human life.