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Raphael is seen walking with a staff or caduceus entwined with a snake, symbolizing healing. He carries a water gourd and in front of him leaps the curative fish. He is often shown with his right forefinger pointing up towards Heaven in a gesture of reassurance and hope, reminding us where true healing comes from.

The Archangel Raphael

Belonging to the REALM: Heaven of Form , The Archangel Raphael is in the group known as Archangels.
ANGELIC FUNCTION: Angel of healing through joy
GIFTS FOR THE EARTH: He can help us to seek the gift of healing; he shows us ways to heal ourselves; he helps us find the healing in nature and universal energy

Raphael is responsible for healing the earth and its inhabitants. He is credited with healing Abraham after he was circumcised and is the angel who handed Moses a book of all the herbs which exist to heal maladies. The Book of Tobias in the Old Testament relates how Raphael healed Tobias’s father of blindness with an ointment made from the burned gall-bladder of a large fish. Raphael is variously known as the Overseer of the Evening Winds, Guardian of the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden, Angel of Repentance, Prayer, Love, Joy and Light. He is the Angel of Healing, Science and Knowledge. He is also called the Angel of Providence who watches over all humanity.

His name means ‘Divine Healer’ or ‘God Heals’. Raphael is the spiritual source behind all cures, and as a messenger of Divine Providence he brings healing to all who seek wholeness. He stands for the definitive, essential cure to all ills, which is the return to the Source. Raphael assists us to heal our bodies, minds and hearts. He helps us to achieve health and wholeness. He offers to help all who suffer and need healing, and whenever possible alleviates pain. When we open our hearts to healing, Raphael guides us to the healers, therapists and counsellors who do their best to help us. As we take more responsibility for our own healing he encourages the healer within each of us who knows what is best for our health and vitality.

He can help us to see the healing lessons in illness and to understand what suffering can teach us about ourselves. When we choose a healthy path his spirit guides us to attain maximum health.

As we transform our wounded minds and hearts we come close to touching Raphael’s wings and gaining access to his Divine gifts. He is always available to guide us to wholeness and harmony. We need only wish it for ourselves.

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Elements of the Psychic World
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Elements of the Psychic World: According to Jewish tradition the Kabbalah was first taught to Adam by the Archangel Gabriel and passed on from ‘mouth to ear’ through a long chain of secret initiates. Whatever the truth of the origins of the Kabbalah there is no doubt that it is very old indeed. It remained an oral tradition until AD 1280, when Moses ben Shemtob de Leon produced a lengthy commentary on the first five books of the Old Testament – the books of Moses -known as the Sefer ha-Zohar (Book of Splendour).

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Development for Beginners: Today, Dr. Virtue has achieved international recognition for her work concerning the realm of angels. Moreover, her goal is to teach as many people as she can how to listen to and interpret the communications we receive from our angels.

Angel Insights : Archangel Raphael, meaning ‘God heals,’ is an expert at healing emotional, physical, and spiritual illnesses. Raphael is the patron of all professional healers, and helps guide the hearts, hands, and minds of naturopaths, surgeons, pharmacists, nutritionists, energy workers, and therapists in their practices. Raphael is also present whenever we offer healing words, love, and care to family or friends. And if we’re the ones who are sick, Raphael will send us dreams and intuitive insights about which doctors and supplements and healing modalities can best help us.

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Angel Insights : Everyone has guardian angels. They were assigned to you at birth, and they are devoted to protecting you and advocating for you throughout your life. Your guardian angels are a gift from Spirit, but they are a gift you do not have to earn—a gift that will never be taken back. The love and healing energy of your guardian angels is your birthright. This book discusses several different types of angels, but will often reference guardian angels, as those are the angels you will have the most intimate relationships with throughout your life. However, this book can help you create a closer connection to not only your guardian angels but the angel realm as a whole.