Work Tarot Readings (Golden Tarot Deck,Cups)

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Career, Work Or Retirement

Consulting the tarot can be just the thing you need to get valuable, unbiased guidance on work or retirement related matters. If you want to know whether you will be successful in your career, then there are 10 card of the 78 that bode very well for your career and many more that give guidance on career, work and retirement. A work or career reading is useful for finding which steps you can take to find the right career for you, seeing ways to create a harmonious work-life balance, seeking guidance on the next steps you need to take. Aces in a career reading indicate new beginnings.

You’ve no doubt heard the saying, “A bad workman blames his own tools.” Well the “tools” being blamed could be a host of things. It could be people, such as our work colleagues that are to blame for things not going right, for the situation we find ourselves in. It could be the company we work for, or our inabilty to find work or advance in our career. This is where a work or career tarot reading can help.

Timing: When looking for time sensitive answers, Cups generally means moderately slow, usually weeks to months.



Comprised of imagery from the European masters paintings, Golden Tarot cards pay tribute to artwork of the Middle Ages and early Renaissance. The Golden Tarot of Klimt is one of the best for artwork. Golden Tarot aims to reconnect the Tarot aesthetically and esoterically to its origins in early-renaissance Italy. From a time of violence, pestilence and oppression came poignant images of gentle beauty and human frailty.

If a Cups card appears in you reading, heres what you need to know:

The Suit of Cups deals with the emotional level of consciousness and is associated with love, feelings, relationships and connections. Cups are about displays of emotion, expression of feelings and the role of emotions in relation to others. The Cups Tarot cards indicate that you are thinking with your heart rather than your head, and thus reflect your spontaneous responses and your habitual reactions to situations. Cups are also linked to creativity, romanticism, fantasy and imagination. The negative aspects of the Suit of Cups (i.e. when the Cups cards appear reversed) include being overly emotional or completely disengaged and dispassionate, having unrealistic expectations and fantasising about what could be. There may be repressed emotions, an inability to truly express oneself and a lack of creativity. The Suit of Cups traditionally represents the west and autumn. If using an ordinary deck of playing cards, Cups are represented by the Suit of Hearts.

Love, emotions, relationships, feelings, empathy, intuition, creativity, peacefulness.

Timing: When looking for time sensitive answers, Cups generally means moderately slow, usually weeks to months.

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Complete Book of Tarot
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Complete Book of Tarot: Water: emotions, moods, feelings, sensitivity, intuition, receptivity, empathy, nurturing, intimacy, compassion, intuition, occult matters, hidden depths, oneness, spirituality; the suit of Cups; the Water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

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