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Learn the secrets of Witchraft  in this great E-Book collection.
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 witchcraft spells

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This guide includes everything you need to know about Spells, Witchcraft and The Occult.   This ebook is RAM PACKED with information that is a MUST for anybody interested in witchcraft or as a reference guide for those already practicing withcraft.

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The History of Witchcraft

The Wiccan Book of the Dead

Book One of True WICCA*

 *The name most modern day Witches use for the Craft. It comes from the Anglo-Saxon word Wicce, meaning to bend or to shape. This is the root word from which we get wicker.
A neo-pagan reconstruction of witchcraft. Most Wiccans call themselves witches, but not all witches are necessarily Wiccan

Book of the Occult

The Necronomicon Spell Book

101 Contradictions in the Bible