26-Five of Wands Reversed Golden Work Tarot Reading

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Career, Work Or Retirement:

There may be disputes coming up at work if you are currently employed when this card appears. If so, think calmly and rationally and avoid arguments to the best of your ability. Make sure you have protected yourself as well as you can, in terms of tracking your actions, having a paper trail, having witnesses during contentious discussions, and so forth. If you are looking for work, don’t be discouraged by the competition out there. You have your own unique talents to bring to the table. Think positively.

Card Meanings: Reaching Agreements, Extreme Aggression, Suppressed Temper, End Of Conflict/ Row/ Struggle, Battle Fatigue, Intimidation, Harmony, Compromise, Lack Of Competition, War, Finding Solutions, Peace, Shyness, Order, Fear Of Confrontation, Short Fuse, New Opportunities, Generosity, Looking For An Argument, Focus, Control, Cooperation

The Five of Wands often refers to competition. Usually this is in the career/work arena, but sometimes it can refer to romantic rivals. Don’t be afraid of competing, know that you have something to offer, and can be successful. But you have to try, to see results.

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Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Portable Magic
Book Details
Portable Magic: However, the effectiveness of ritual instruments does not depend on the substances from which they are made, or how lavishly they are decorated. It is not even a function of the rituals that accompany their making and consecration, or the names and signs of power that may be inscribed on them. It is inherent in their very forms. The details of their construction are at best aids to the working of these instruments, or at worst mere ornamentation.

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Creative Tarot: In the Jungian way, then, our tarot spreads are not random but are guided by the same principle. A particular card will show up because, in some way, we need it to. We are not causing the cards to fall the way they do, but each card is a meaningful coincidence. The fact that we can’t explain why we get the Five of Wands when we’re going through a very Five of Wands situation—a manuscript that comes back with yet another round of extensive edits, or a teacher who frustrates you by pointing out what you’re doing wrong instead of congratulating you on the improvements you’ve made—makes it more meaningful. During a reading I once gave, I decided to use the Golden tarot, despite it not being my usual go-to deck. My client drew the Page of Wands to represent her own self and noticed that the scroll depicted on the card was the exact shape of the tumor they had just found on her kidney. That small coincidence gave the reading a special meaning for her.

Tarot Triumphs: There are other possible cultural attributes for the Tarot Hermit too; the lantern he carries may relate to Diogenes, the Greek philosopher and a hermit himself, who famously held up a lamp in broad daylight in his search for an honest man.30 Or he may be an embodiment of Saturn in his role as Lord of Time, where he appears in some of the earliest Tarot representations with an hourglass instead of a lamp.31

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Reversed Cards: The sevens are a very interesting group of cards. In numerology, seven is often referred to as the master/student number as well as the rest and retreat number. A lot of people don’t think of seven as much of an action number, but the truth is the seven is all about the process of movement. It teaches us when to move, when to be still, when to retreat, and when to inspire action via leadership. As we saw in the chariot, for a so-called passive number the seven sure has a lot to teach us about action, momentum, direction, and distraction. Sevens are naturally quieter than other numbers, but don’t let that fool you. Quiet consistency is what moves mountains. A seven may not need to be flashy to get a result, but that doesn’t mean the results aren’t fabulous. The biggest challenge for the seven is lacking intellectual stimulation. Being a very cerebral number by nature, a seven can get bored easily, which means it gets distracted easily and often. When a seven wanders into your life, you will need to be mindful of staying on task and all the little things that can pull you off course.