23-Two of Questing – Upright Mage Deck

Your Chosen Card – Two of Questing Upright Mage Deck

When upright, the Two of Wands suggests that you are pondering a course of action or deciding on a future path your life will take. The young man on the card is contemplating a globe with a stance of self-assurance. Traditionally this card represented dark thoughts and sorrow. It reminds Waite of the sorrow of Alexander the Great amidst the grandeur of this world’s wealth. Modern interpretations view the Two of Wands as a card of fortune, grandeur, dominion, and influence over others. Perhaps it encompasses both meanings simultaneously. You may feel a sense of sadness as you contemplate a potential future course of action. The number two is related to partnerships, collaboration, and making important choices, which usually involve a sense of loss in giving up something to pursue another goal that you desire.

Keywords Upright: Dominion, influence over others, the power to control things, confidence, choosing one’s direction in life, planning for the future, effective use of one’s will, envisioning future developments, astonishment, an important decision, trying to figure a way out of a difficult situation.

Timing: 0 Aries–10 Aries. Tropical, 20 March–30 March. Sidereal, 14 April–23 April
Astrology: The assertive and pioneering planet Mars (dignified) in the first decan of fiery Aries (the first ten days of spring); also the realm of the Queen of Wands (Water of Fire) and the Emperor (Aries). Mars is linked to the Tower. The fiery Queen of Wands gives birth to the season of spring at the beginning of Aries.
Number Symbolism: 2 – duality, partnership, choice, decision, balance, gestation.

Rider Waite: A tall man looks from a battlemented roof over sea and shore; he holds a globe in his right hand, while a staff in his left rests on the battlement; another is fixed in a ring. The Rose and Cross and Lily should be noticed on the left side. Divinatory Meanings: Between the alternative readings there is no marriage possible; on the one hand, riches, fortune, magnificence; on the other, physical suffering, disease, chagrin, sadness, mortification. The design gives one suggestion; here is a lord overlooking his dominion and alternately contemplating a globe; it looks like the malady, the mortification, the sadness of Alexander amidst the grandeur of this world’s wealth; (R) surprise, wonder, enchantment, emotion, trouble, fear.

When Two of Questing is upright you can pretty much take it that life is going well but that’s when life takes us by surprise.  If Two of Questing is unclear it may help to choose a card from the Major Arcana to provide more insight into what it is Two of Questing is trying to tell you.  If you had a particular issue in  mind, or want to seek clarification on something else, you can also choose again to get more guidance.

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Psychic Abilities
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Psychic Abilities : If you wish to test your telepathy, sit with a friend. Have your friend look at playing cars or images and visualize them. Then, you should be able to relay back to your friend what exactly that image was. Move on to having simple conversations. Focus in on one word, then two words, and build up to complete sentences. Then you can move onto emotions – that is more difficult for many people, as it is harder for the transmitter to give a genuine feeling.

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Development for Beginners: Step 1: Stimulate the area of your brain responsible for visualization. To do this, sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Now, imagine seeing a blue triangle. Hold onto this image for as long as you can.

Elements of the Psychic World: According to the teachings of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, invisibility is a state attained by establishing an astral and etheric shell – called the ‘Shroud of Concealment’ – around the body of the magician. The shroud works by distorting the consciousness of those within sight of the magician; while their eyes see an image of his or her presence; their minds are unable to process it and so the magician is not seen.

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Elements of the Psychic World: A n unconscious aspect of a person that is thought to perceive sensations, emotions and thoughts below the threshold of the conscious thought. This perception may be of spirit beings and other entities on another plane of existence or of taboo impulses not acceptable in society. It is thought that unconscious reactions to such taboo ideas are harnessed in subliminal advertising. In other words, advertisers use images and sound to influence people without them being aware of it.