24-Three of Wands Upright Thoth Spiritual Tarot Reading

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Faith, Spirituality Or Psychic Progression:

You have an at least somewhat mature, sensible spiritual view in place. Even so, realize that if you are paying attention at all, you are growing spiritually, and that thus, your spiritual views can and should change and develop over time. Don’t be afraid of change and new information.

Card Meanings: Self-Belief, Spreading Your Wings, Fortune Favours The Brave, Long Distance/ Travel Romance, Good Partnership, Moving Forward, Overseas Trade/Expansion, Moving Abroad, Self-Confidence, Experiencing Life, Travel, Forward Planning, Freedom, Foreign Land, Cooperation, Foresight, Happy With Choices/Outcome, Adventure, Success, Hard Work Paying Off

When the Three of Wands appears, you are likely to find that your finances are going much better, in fact this can be the month that your proverbial ship has come in. You are likely to be feeling very strong and with good reason. You may be finally experiencing some important success after you’ve been through some difficulty.

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Development for Beginners
Book Details
Development for Beginners: Positive: psychic abilities, counter-acting negativity and curses, inspiration, meditation, uniqueness, humanitarianism, mystery, and spiritual prowess.

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Reversed Cards: I want to continue the ‘go big or go home’ theme here in the mirrored aspect of the Three of Wands, mainly because I have seen this come up for my clients again and again. Often we get excited and inspired by things we hear, read, or watch. This can sometimes be the catalyst we use to plan our next set of goals. When you write them, you think they are wonderful and grand and totally worthy of the divine essence that is you. But there is a problem. They really are not what you want at all. In your heart of hearts, you just don’t have it in you to be the person who could pull those grand plans off. Like it or not, you are not a vibrational match for what you said you wanted, and there is a good chance you will never be. Now, this is not because you are not a magnificent divine being. It is just that at the end of the day it’s really not what you want at a soul level.

Complete Book of Tarot: To use the table for timing, determine which decan the tarot card in question belongs to (this is indicated in the section describing each card) and look up the date in the table. For example, if you asked when a new relationship was likely to come into your life and you drew the Seven of Pentacles, you would look up that card in the chapter on pip cards and find that it corresponds to the third decan of Taurus, whose start dates are May 10 in the tropical zodiac and June 4 in the sidereal zodiac. Since each decan lasts for roughly ten days, your answer (depending on which zodiac you prefer) would be either May 10–May 20, or June 4–June 14. As mentioned previously, the Golden Dawn preferred the sidereal zodiac and would give June 4–June 14 as the answer.

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Complete Book of Tarot: When upright, the Two of Pentacles suggests that you are engaged in a balancing act. There may be a conflict, for instance, between the demands of work and those of family. Your life is full of responsibilities you must juggle efficiently to get everything done. Despite any snags, keep on trekking. At this time you are undergoing many changes that will ultimately lead to a sense of increased stability. You may feel as if you are sailing through turbulent waters in hope of calmer seas ahead. It is important to remain flexible and to adapt to circumstances. The ships on this card can imply travel or dealings abroad. A written message or document may also be indicated by this card.