52-Three of Athames Upright Salem Love Tarot Reading

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Romance, Love Or Relationships:

In the context of love The reversed Three of Athames points to misunderstandings, sadness, and sorrow. A relationship may have just ended, or one that you were sure would come together has not done so. Allow yourself to feel any pain as a result, but don’t turn it into self-persecution. We all have more than one soul-mate on the planet. Remember that when one door closes in life – another always opens.

Card Meanings: Overcoming Grief/ Sorrow/ Sadness, Repressing Emotions, Getting Over The Worst, Confusion, Reconciliation, Compromise, Suppressing Memories, Sorrow, Sharing Problems, Releasing Pain, Optimism, Overcoming Depression, Loss, Recovering From Heartbreak, Forgiveness, Inability To Let Go Of Pain

Regardless of the way that the Three of Athames card is depicted, know that it is not all bad. Although there is an element of sorrow that is undeniable when this card appears, what lies on the other side of this sorrow can be enhanced understanding and joy. Allow yourself to fully experience any sorrow or pain that comes up now, so that you can move beyond it.

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Tarot Ultimate Guide
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Tarot Ultimate Guide: As you become more familiar with Tarot cards, you will start to ‘hear’ the cards. As you get more in touch with the mystical forces and feel more confident in your abilities, you will notice that out of nowhere you will sense what the cards are trying to tell you. When you get your Tarot deck, you will want to make sure that you take the time and look at each card in the deck with a clear mind. You will need to look through the cards and find out what each card is trying to tell you. In addition to knowing what each card represents, it is important to know what each card is telling you. While you might not be able to do this right away, over time, you will.

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Portable Magic: During acts of magic in which the magician represents another individual, and works the magic on the other person’s behalf, becoming in effect the agent for that person, the significator chosen to represent the person should be placed under the significator of the magician in the centre of the circle. This is done to symbolically unite the two into one.

Complete Book of Tarot: Queens are mature nurturing individuals (mother figures) who are responsive to the emotional climate surrounding the querent. They represent mother figures, important women related to the current situation, and significant personality traits needed by the querent to navigate the matter at hand. When upright, the Queen of Wands is a gregarious, energetic woman who is strong-willed and gets things done. Despite her independent streak, she remains devoted to home and family. She loves being in the midst of activity, or preferably being at the center of it, and often has many irons in the fire.

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