33-Knight of Wands Upright Rider Waite Love Tarot Reading

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Romance, Love Or Relationships:

You may meet someone new through your work. This new person is likely to have hair on the lighter end of the spectrum. If you’re already committed, be sure that your communication is as clear as it can be. Make a point to make time to just talk to each other. This will improve your feelings of closeness substantially.

Card Meanings: Adventurous, Warm, Finishing What You Start, Hot Tempered, Self-Assured, Being Hasty, Rebellious, Confident, Charming, Generous, Moving Country, Free Spirit, Hero, Success, Revolutionary, Shameless Flirt, Travel, Sexy, Energetic, Swept Off Your Feet, Journey, Exciting, Brave, Open Minded, Fearless, Impetuous

When The Knight of Wands appears, this is a great time for travel if you can manage to get away. You should be feeling charged up, full of energy, and ready to get things done. Your self-confidence is likely to be increasing and this should help you toward your goals.

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Complete Book of Tarot
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Complete Book of Tarot: House 5: Romance, lovers, matters of the heart, what you do for fun, pleasures, sex, creativity, children, pregnancy, leisure, games, recreation, holidays, vacations, adornment, creative activities, hobbies, theater, sports, risks, gambling, speculative ventures.

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Complete Book of Tarot: Astrology: The emotional and sensitive Moon in the second decan of fiery Sagittarius, realm of the Knight of Wands (Fire of Fire) and Temperance (Sagittarius). The Moon is linked to the High Priestess.

Complete Book of Tarot: The eccentric and brilliant occultist Aleister Crowley (whom the press called ‘the worst man in the world’) also broke with the Golden Dawn. 12 Toward the end of his life, Crowley decided to produce a tarot deck that reflected his years of study and practice of esotericism. Enlisting the aid of the artist Lady Freida Harris, Crowley collaborated with her from 1938 to 1943 to transform his ideas into reality. He wrote a companion book for the deck called The Book of Thoth to explain the intricate symbolism of the cards. Crowley’s encyclopaedic knowledge of occult disciplines is reflected in Lady Harris’s paintings; the Thoth deck has become a favorite among scholarly occultists who enjoy the philosophy, mythology, occultism, and metaphysics underlying this magnum opus.

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Complete Book of Tarot: Do the same exercise with groups of two or more cards. How does each card connect to the others? What do they have in common? How do they contrast with one another? What would need to happen for the situation on one card to develop into the scene depicted on the next? Which characters are looking at each other? Which are looking away from one another? How might the characters on different cards interact?