21-Gaia Reversed Mage Health Tarot Reading

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Well-Being, Physical Health Or Mental Health:

With The reversed World, something may be stuck in your mind and body which is interfering with your best health. As with the upright interpretation of this card, You may be helped by finding a healer who works with something besides traditional Western Medicine. This is not to replace medical therapy, but to work in concert with it. Your doctor may not be happy about this, if he tells you, for example, that its not possible for you to study yoga and that it would get in the way of his treatment of your arthritis, in that case, you may be best served by locating a different medical doctor as well. Follow your instincts about what is best for your health within reason, of course. Seek out mentors with more information than you have. Educate as much as you can. Advocate for yourself.

Card Meanings: Burden, Lack Of Vision, Imperfection, Lack Of Achievement, Disappointment, Lack Of Success, Stagnation

Gaia can often signify that you are figuratively feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, which is not an easy place to be. It’s an excellent time to review how well you do at asking for help when you need it. Remember you don’t have to do everything on your own so learn when to delegate when you can and when to ask for assistance when you can’t.

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Elements of the Psychic World
Book Details
Elements of the Psychic World: Virginia Beach (where it still remains today) the Association for Research and Enlightenment for the purpose of studying, researching and providing information about ESP, as well as life after death, dreams and holistic health. Three other programmes or organizations were also established around Cayce’s work: a master’s degree in transpersonal studies at Atlantic University, Virginia Beach, was set up in 1930; the Edgar Cayce Foundation, also at Virginia Beach, was set up in 1948 to provide custodial ownership of the Cayce readings and documents; and a diploma in preventive health care based on Cayce’s readings was set up in 1986 at the Harold Reilly School of Massotherapy

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Elements of the Psychic World: The Gaia hypothesis – that the earth is a self-regulating, living organism – was put forward by a British scientist, James Lovelock, in the 1970s. Lovelock believed that an evolutionary leap into unified human consciousness with no national boundaries was possible. This theory was developed a few years later by British physicist Peter Russell, in The Global Brain: Speculations on the evolutionary leap to planetary consciousness (1983). Russell hypothesized the evolution of a completely new and planetary level of consciousness called Gaiafield – a kind of super mind that would emerge from the interaction of all minds, working in harmony with the planet. In other words, if an increasing number of people meditate the beneficial effects may be felt on the human race as a whole.

Creative Tarot: The more you work with the spreads, the more they will tell you. There are many resources online where you can find other spreads, both traditional and made up by other tarot enthusiasts. I find, though, that the better way to work is to choose a few spreads and stick with them, rather than always trying something new.

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Angel Insights : Ariel’s message is: Pray for the healing of the earth, but also do more than pray. Examine your life and find ways to honor this sacred planet by taking practical steps to conserve its resources. It is time for a shift, for humans to take little from and give much to the earth and all its plant and animal inhabitants. Don’t lose hope over the fate of Gaia, but do not sit idle. For if you sit idle, the future of this paradise is in serious jeopardy.